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4.5 of 5 stars
I am in love with this box!
by Courtney written Jun 07, 2018
CLOTH & PAPER goes above and beyond in their subscription box. I was hesitant at first because I am really picky about my stationary, but I am using EVERYTHING that came in my box this month. I love the note pads and the pen I got was outstanding. I couldn't recommend this box enough. Thank you!
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Not worth the money at all
by Natasha written Jun 06, 2018
I got 5 pens. They were not anything special for $18. I could have gotten a pack of pens from the dollar store and they would be comparable.
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elegance and daring design.
by Reana written May 27, 2018
Every subscription box is a blend of boldness, gorgeousness, elegance and daring design. You never know what surprises will envelop you upon opening these lovely boxes! I was referred to this company by one of my friends who is a loyal follower of their Instagram page (@cloth_and_paper). I was originally hesitant with the price of the box, but was ultimately was very pleased with the output of designs for this box. I find their take of creating unique paper products and accessories very refreshing. If I had one complaint is that since they make a lot of items unique for the boxes I have no way of buying a replacement when I run out of something. However, I did email the company regarding including more of the subscription box goodies from the box on the e-commerce site and the owner, Ashley, was very receptive of my suggestions. The customer service has also been fantastic. I signed on for another 3 months and also purchased one of their quilted leather planners and I am obsessed.
by JAGR written May 27, 2018
The box is for the creative person that loves a bit a uniqueness to their stationery. Graphics are contemporary with a luxe flair. For example this like this month’s box consisted of sticky notes, a foiled weekly desk pad that is perfect for my desk, greeting cards made from thicknte tured cardstock, a metals heavy weight pen, and some other items that had very unique finishes and printing techniques. I love what Ashley is doing with this box it offers something new and refreshing to the staleness that is the typical pen and paper that you may find in your standard retail outlet. I think that this box is for someone that is 22-44 and is creative and can see beyond just a regular pen and paper, and want to open their eyes to new and innovative designs. I just renewed my subscription for 6 months. I can’t wait.
A bit disappointed
by Jenn written May 26, 2018
For the price of this box, I was expecting significantly higher quality...or just better...items. At almost $50 for the May box I got a bunch of pens (all are fine, but nothing particularly special) a few greeting cards that don’t make a lot of sense (all three are plain with a punctuation mark on them); page marker post-it’s (the highlight- they’re pretty cool) a memo post it pad with a quote about gratitude, a pad of card stock weekly calendar pages and two random credit card size clear plastic cards with quotes on them. My biggest issue with this box is that although both inserts (the pens and the stationary) tells you where to get the specs on the products, the information isn’t posted where it says it is. Maybe my issue is that I had really high expectations, or maybe it was just disappointing.... Either way, I won’t be recording this box.
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by Azure written May 01, 2018
Just opened my first Cloth & Paper box and I can already tell that this will be the highlight of my month, every month!
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by A written Apr 18, 2018
My wife gifted me this subscription because I am a graphic designer and a teacher. This has probably been my favorite gift she has ever given me throughout the 7 years of our marriage. The pens are not only unique, but they offer great variety from month to month. Pens that I can use when I am teaching and whilst I am working on my side gig. I have also referred Cloth & Paper as corporate gifts to my friends that own business as the sleek an minimal packaging really offers a great presentation for gift giving. Customer service has been exceptional as well. My wife went on and on about how willing the owner was to assist her in setting up the gift subscription. There was a string of about 8 or 9 emails from her just making sure that this gift was going to fit my needs and my wife showed me all the messages after I received my first box and the gentle tone, patience, and willingness to help was outstanding. I highly highly recommend this box for the avid pen lover in your life, artist, administrative professional, student, and the like. Seriously, a thoughtful and unique gift.
by Reana written Apr 18, 2018
I received the stationery box 3 month’s ago for a birthday gift and it’s by far the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. Let’s start with the packaging: very chic black and white and minimal. Heavy duty black box. The inside: white tissue paper perfectly folded with a white sticker that says “There is Luxury in Simplicity” The contents: the vary each month but all paper uses is a very heavy weigh stock and unique items that are designed specifically for the box. There are a lot of muted tones and black and white used which makes he box very gender neutral. Lots of brushes brass and unique finishes I have never seen on stationery products before. The Little Details: the inside has a card that says “why, hello there!”and refer to their blog where there are beautifully styled shots of the products and beautiful ways to use them. Ideas that I would have never thought of on my own. I like the unique take on doing that over referring customers to a picture icon on an info card that doesn’t get the creative juices flowing. I met the owner at a stationery & planner convention in Chicago she was just a joy and had a few questions about some products on their site that inquired about via email and received the most professional and courteous email from a Chloe. I just love this service and the company and will be subscribing after my gift subscription ends. Love love love.
by JAGR written Apr 18, 2018
I have received both the pen and the stationery box and have been subscribed for 12 month. Everything has been super high quality and have been very unique. I like how they design items exclusive for both boxes that can't be purchased elsewhere. I will stay subscribed as long as I can afford it and the Cloth & Paper team has been helpful and courteous when I have sent messages on facebook, Instagram, or via email. I just love them!
Nice quality but mostly useless
by Allie written Apr 18, 2018
I received both boxes for several months. I gave two stars because I enjoy the products they make. I have a planner of theirs and many inserts. But I'd rather just buy directly from the website and choose what I want. This box is just stuff that they make and have on their website so it isn't really worth being surprised (like other boxes that introduce you to new companies), especially since the things they send are usually really impractical. Lots of different pads for instance, with various layouts, which might be great if you don't use a planner and want your lists to just sit on your desk. I rarely used any of the things they sent me. Some of the products are not very well thought through (like compliment cards, cute idea, but with no envelopes or way to store them in your purse without getting dirty). Also the iconic rollerball they make is pretty but doesn't write well at all. I ended my subscription because I rarely used the items they sent. Additionally, this company has the worst customer service of any box I receive. The box comes with no description or explanation of the items inside. I don't have any other boxes that don't send an explanation of the items. You get a bunch of random pens with no explanation even though there are other printed cards inside that are almost all self promotion. It feels lazy and inconsiderate. You obviously had time to print cards... Why not include one that tells me why you're sending me these random pens? In addition, I ordered a planner with personalization from them. The store said they were out of stock of the one I wanted (which was also on sale while supplies lasted) so I purchased the more expensive one that was in stock and sent them an email requesting the out of stock one in case they happened to have one. They found one of the ones I wanted but they never discounted the extra I paid for the more expensive one. I followed up with a request to change the lettering of the personalization, and they told me they wouldn't be lettering it at all because the lettering was out of stock. They then sent me the planner, lettered with the wrong letters. When I confronted them about it, they said I could send it back and get a different one (I wanted the one I got, which was the last of its kind). I asked the if they could please try to remove the lettering and replace it with the correct lettering (their are lots of tutorials online about removing gold do lettering) and they said they don't do that but that I could remove it and send it back if I wanted. This might have been fine, I can understand why they wouldn't want to take the risk, except that the tone of their emails was so unapologetic. I just don't like the way they do business and I don't like the items in the box, even though I like many of their products and will probably continue to buy from them. I have spent hundreds of dollars on their company and they treat me like a thorn in their side when I confront them about their own mistakes. Any time that I have sent an email to any other box about something, I've received a very gracious response, but when I mentioned to this company after canceling that it would be nice to get explanations of their box content, they didn't even bother to respond, and at other times they have been outright rude. I know that this company is mainly one girl with a small team but really... Value your customers more.
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