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4.6 of 5 stars
by Debra written today
I was trying to order the planner and the pen and paper subscription. Was so confused I ordered the pen thinking that was both then realized it wasn’t. Then ordered the paper. Somehow the pen order got canceled and I’m still waiting for my shipment of paper. Disappointed that I can’t figure out how to order the planner (not in black). I’ll say signing up is confusing.
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Exceptional box
by Tiffany written 6 days ago
I get the pen box & it’s so worth it. The pencils get all the praise this month. I like to sketch and they are smooth & nice to use. Love getting the pencil cases or I wouldn’t have a place to keep them. Last month I got a cool eraser but I lost it of course. Thank you & Happy Holidays
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Lynda Schaffer
by Lynda written Dec 08, 2018
Very disappointed in this box. In the months I received my boxes I only got pens so I canceled it. I wish I had received planning and paper items.
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CLOTH & PAPER said...
3 days ago
Hi Lynda, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are very sorry to hear that there was some confusion on the product that you signed up for. We offer three subscription products: one for pens, one for stationery/ planner goods, and one that delivers both boxes at a discount. When you signed up, you selected only the Pen Box, which is why we only shipped pens to you. We would love to know what we could have done to make the sign up process more clear so we can avoid this issue in the future for other customers. We are looking forward to hearing from you and assisting you in any way possible.
by Wendy written Nov 29, 2018
It’s not that the items weren’t nice looking but I was disappointed in the small amount of stuff that I got or $38 . I definitely thought I would get more product and possibly a full planner .
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Awesome Stationary Subscription Box
by Etta written Nov 24, 2018
CLOTH & PAPER is a huge hit for me. This month I received my second stationary subscription box. It outdid last month. They take great care in the presentation and the items are beautiful! I can't say enough and I am looking forward to additional items to continue to purchase.. Keep up the great work! You are appreciated.
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Love my subscription box
by Tameka written Nov 01, 2018
I received my first subscription box a few days and absolutely loved!!! It’s nice to get a box with things I will acutually use and likely want more of in the future! I received the stationary box to test the waters and immediately upgraded to the the stationary and pens box. I’m a manager and can really use these products in my day to day and work day. Can’t wait for my November box!
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Ok, you really have to subscribe to both
by Raina written Oct 31, 2018
They are gorgeous and perfect for the planner lover, the paper lover, the pen lover!
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In Love with CLOTH & PAPER!!❤️
by Royleta written Oct 31, 2018
Soo I just picked up my Cloth & Paper October Stationary and Presentation Box. Let me just say that I thought September was awesome! I am now a forever subscriber of Cloth & Paper! If I could get everyone I know to subscribe I would. Keep up the amazing work I can’t wait to see what comes next!!😍
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Run, don’t walk to these Subscriptions
by Raina written Oct 25, 2018
If you love paper, pens, planners, you have to subscribe to Cloth and Paper Co. Everything is beautiful, functional and lovingly curated. So beautiful!
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by Tiffany written Oct 24, 2018
I get the pen Box and I got it today and I absolutely loved it all the pens were fantastic and that eraser is so cool thank you because I collect pens and I love these. I also do a lot of writing because I am in the hospital and a have been since last December and will be until about February so the pens are much needed thank you
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