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Jul 09, 2020
Lena D.
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I like the idea of the box, but the items there are cheap. The books are okay, but every box has the same thing: Stickers, notes, pans.. it is not worth the $50/month. I don't need 100 sticky notes and a pan every month. Some of the other boxes that include books and courses ship a lot of high quality and price items with it like candles, oils, jewelry, face care products, books, all in one box.
I wrote a 4 stat review a few weeks ago and another person also did it stating the same problem about the items in the box.
Shortly after, instead of taking it into the cosideration the owner began to sent emails about reviews- in exchange for free gifts... if good reviews are so important to her she should of work thowards improving the items (not from a dollar store) rather than hiding them with reviews in exchange for gifts... this was disappointing especially from people who "teach" others to be better and improve themselves.
Either way hopefully things will change and this subscription improves, because the idea is trully amazing and I hope it helps others.

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CoachCrate said...Nov 09, 2020

Hi Lena!
I'm so sorry you were disappointed with your CoachCrate. We are always working to improve CoachCrate and appreciate your feedback!
We work to have all of the items in our box fit with the theme, so if we repeat sticky notes or notepads they are usually specific to that month's work. We've found that while working through the coaching material those types of items can be really helpful when applying everything we read/learn to our daily lives.
I'm a little confused about the emails you're talking about but will definitely look into it. We do appreciate all feedback and try to use it to help us get better each month!

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Feb 11, 2021
Nikki P.
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I received an email about my box before I received my box which was confusing. This was my first month subscribing as well. Received my box and was VERY disappointed to find an ebook. I don't do electronic books so I had to spend additional month to get a hard copy of the book (which just arrived... 11 days into the month) to begin the process. The Otter book was fine; I'm currently reading it. Just started the Hygge book that I had to purchase on my own. The light candle thing was disappointing. Very small, and not useful in my opinion. The coaster is okay, but I already have them. The ink pen is fine, again, I already have a lot of them.
The subscription talks about watching videos... no idea where they are or why I'm watching them. Also big on pushing using Facebook. I'm not a huge fan of seeing other (strangers) lives and issues on Facebook so that's very unappealing.
Went from excited that this box would help me to more baffled. I feel like I'm taking a college class online where I have to muddle through the mud to find what I need to teach myself. Is it worth the money? So far no. I'm trying the items sent, but hoping that the future boxes come with clarity (as in step by step directions), not so much random paperwork things that I'm...

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