Coffee and a Classic
Curl up with a cup of coffee and a classic book each month with this subscription!

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Subscriber Reviews

4.6 of 5 stars
Loved my first box!
by Heather written today
As a lover of the classic and coffee, this is an excellent box! I got my first box and although super pleased I was also disappointed. I had ordered the upgraded box which I didn't receive. There was a nice note in there explaining why and for the inconvenience they included a little tin of tea. Although a nice gesture, I don't exactly like tea which is why I selected coffee. The tea, to me at least, did not make up for the $13 difference between the boxes, not even close. While still slightly disappointed I will continue with my subscription and hopefully I will receive the upgraded box next month.
Great subscription for readers.
by Deborah written 2 days ago
I am really enjoying my subscription to Coffee and a Classic...the theme, the book, the coffee or other beverage are all carefully chosen by the curator. All items are high quality, also, as with the embossed, leatherette cover of last month's edition of Frankenstein. As some other subscribers have mentioned: the books selected are something I had been meaning to, I can ! And it's a beautiful edition to boot. Keep up the great selections !
by Kristina written 4 days ago
I bought this subscription for my Mom as a birthday gift. It is perfect!! I live on the opposite side of the country from her, so when she gets her box, she calls me and through facetime she "unboxes" while I watch. It is my favorite part of the month!!! This gift has been as enjoyable for me as it has been for her!!!
So impressed
by Bianca written 16 days ago
I absolutely love this box. It is so carefully and cleverly put together. The attention to detail is amazing from start to finish - from the unique items and clever choice of theme all the way through to their customer service, which goes above and beyond. So impressed! I would highly recommend this box to any book and coffee lover.
by Brianna written 18 days ago
This is my first foray into a subscription box and I really enjoy receiving this box a month. Now im reading all those classics ive procrastinated in reading, but no more! The items included with the book are awesome in their own right. Definitely 5 stars.
Love it.
by Kim written 19 days ago
This box was amazing! The book was not my type of story. But the goodies I got with it are high quality items. Definitely getting November’s box. This is a great one to subscribe to.
Amazing !!
by Amber written 20 days ago
Its like a *Me Time* Christmas Present every month! Thanks for being awesome.
My first coffee and Classic
by Jacoba written 25 days ago
I absolutely love my October Coffee and a Classic! I'm already planning some special time for myself this weekend to relax w/a good cup of coffee and a great classic ; "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley, that I have never read. Can't wait til the next one!
by Haley written last month
I was so excited to get my box (I ordered the standard classic box) and I couldn't wait to get it. The box actually ships on the third Thursday of the month, though it comes quickly after its shipped. I was a little disappointed in the box, even though it was nicely put together. My bookmark was torn, the cookies were a little stale, and I wasn't really interested in the book. I know that it's a surprise each month so it's not their fault that I didn't like the book. I loved the coffee mug, hot chocolate, candle, and tote bag. Overall, I think they're a great company, I love what they do, but the catcher in the rye box just wasn't worth the $50 to me.
by Tina written 2 months ago
Cute stuff, thought i would be getting coffees instead of teas.