CommuterSavvy: C◾️mmuterB🔲X™ = Snack+Health Pack

by CommuterSavvy
Accommodating your busy "life, family, commuter” lifestyle! -- Embrace the Luxury of Convenience
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Snacks & Healthy Essentials = C◾️mmuterB🔲X™

Curated for the PHYSICAL or VIRTUAL commuter, our service is for the busy "life, family & commuter". Providing monthly deliveries of the most common items to help get through the day. If you rely on the subway, bus, bicycle, automobile or your feet, our goal is to ensure you have the healthy items you need when you're away from home or at home.

  • Curated For the PHYSICAL & VIRTUAL Commuter!
  • Includes (29)+ various energy packed snacks and drink mixes.
  • Includes(20)+ various hygiene, sanitary and well being items.
  • Essential snacks and items most needed when you're on the go and away from home
  • All items are regularly evaluated, modified and/or updated.

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Q: Do you ship internationally? (France)Asked by Farah O., October 2020


Q: Can you customize the box to be vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, shellfish-free? Asked by Allan G., September 2020


Q: When is my subscription billed?Asked by Allan G., September 2020


Q: When is my subscription going to be shipped?Asked by Allan G., September 2020

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Car Snacks at its Best.

Aug 06, 2020
Cher M.
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This is the perfect box for your car. Especially if you have to commute to work everyday. Sometimes the traffic can be a nightmare and you get hungry while sitting. This box provides you with snacks to get you to where you are going. Also included are hygene products for those that get in a hurry and forget to do something such as putting on deoderant. This box will have you covered.
Give them a try today. You will enjoy the snacks that are offered.

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