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Fem Box Flops

Mar 14, 2020
Amelia M.
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I ordered the Fem Box as a gift because of the all the articles they were featured in and was hugely surprised at what was actually delivered.

The book has a line drawn across the bottom with a sharpie marker, discoloration and a tear. The cup is made of thin plastic with the design "protect the source of hope" on it - doesn't make sense to me why it's in this box. The face mask has a sticky glue dot spot on it. The candle is nothing like the featured item image that was shown when I ordered this box. There is no bag and no top. It looks like sticker letter labels were applied to a plain jar candle to spell out the word "hygge". There was also some other items in the box that felt random.

Even though it is marketed as "Hygge Fem Box", they are basically using the "Hygge Box" brand and tricking people into thinking they are one and the same - NOPE. Not cool.

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Crumpled up items,low quality

Feb 20, 2020
Lena D.
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My first box is very disappointing. Most items arrived smashed because they were squized in a box. The metal tea infuser looks cheap like from a 99 cent's store. It's made poerly and all the leafs and herbs went into the cup. Same thing for the bath bomb, very cheap. No label, no name. Oh I really expected better items :/

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Hygge Book Club - Monthly Subscription said...Feb 13, 2020

Hello Lena, we apologize that this box was not the box that you expected, we also apologize for the damages caused during shipping. The tea infuser was paired with the Pinky Up tea because not everyone has an infuser. The majority of our products are crafted by artisans, and by small coming up businesses. We appreciate the review, and we will improve.

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