Perfect gifts for international anglophiles and British expats wanting reminders of home!

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Chuffed to Bits is chockablock with joy!

Jul 24, 2019
Mari B.
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I am so very happy and excited to receive my "Chuffed to Bits" box every month! All I had to do was send in a brief survey to give them an idea of my interests, and now I get a box of 5 -10 items from the UK that I really enjoy. If your interests change, or you'd like to see more of a similar item, it's no problem: send in an email and your next box is a treasure.

Each item is wrapped and labeled carefully by hand, so it feels like getting a box full of presents. The inside of the box is decorated by hand. I get a beautiful card on glossy paper explaining what each item is in the box. It's obvious that this box was put together just for me. They even give you the option to include an item for a significant other or loved one. My spouse gets an item in my Chuffed to Bits box every month too!

My experience has been nothing but fabulous. I accidentally purchased a year subscription instead of a month-to-month-subscription and they handled the refund and switch of plans right away. When I sent an email with my updated preferences for items, it was acknowledged promptly and my very next box had more of what I enjoy.

I would recommend this box to any Anglophile or UK enthusiast.

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