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Jun 08, 2020
Kathie V.
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photo copies of ephemera on paper not even card stock. Come on you can do better than that. Nothing here is vintage its copies of vintage look everything is small good for tags maybe did get two rolls of washi have to use glue stick to get to stick and a very small wooden stamp. Just not my cup of tea I like to get quality and quantity for my money. I understand the delay of shipping due to covid regulations but it was a huge let down when I got it.

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Vintage Craft Box by Cora Crea Crafts said...Jun 08, 2020

Dear Kathie, I am really sorry that you didn't get what you were looking for in this box. In my description I speak about vintage themed crafting supplies which means not everything vintage because I'm just unable to source so many real vintage pieces for the boxes. I'm sorry if this was not clear and I'll make sure to clarify my description for future subscribers.
Also wanted to let you know that one of the washi tapes is a "sticker" type washi tape which means you need to peel off the part underneath and then it sticks by itself - I am guessing this is the one you meant you had to use glue for.
Overall I do believe there is a good selection of stickers, papers...