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I wanted to love it....

Sep 10, 2019
Shawnna R.
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I really like this box, however, for the price of $20, I'd hoped there would be more included. The packaging was cute & inside I received a very nice piece of aragonite, a drawsting carrying bag, as well as a rose quarts, mounted & presented as a necklace. I'm really happy with the items received, but it just doesn't seem to be a very good value for the price. I'm a bit disappointed because from the pictures of past boxes, I had expected to receive more for the cost. Unfortunately, upon comparing the price to value, I think I could have gotten these items cheaper by just shopping for them separately. I regrettably won't be renewing this subscription.

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Almost perfect

Jul 07, 2019
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This box comes beautifully packaged. We recived Palo santo...very small aboloney shell[really too small to be able to use for anything] ....2 explaination cards..5 crystals. The Crystal's are full sized. Other boxes give small ones but these are bigger then expected. They come with a velvet bag which is nice because u can keep the explanation card and all 5 Crystal's together For specific rituals ect. This helps when u have many loose crystals so u dont have to dig thru when looking for them. The only DOWNSIDE for me was one "crystal" came completely broken to a powder. It was a black stenilite not sure if I spelled that wrong but it's not and in front of me. This is very fragile. I have the white version at home as well. It breaks very very easily so I'm surprised it wasnt bubbled wrapped so the other crystals movement didnt break it. Hopefully if they see this they will maybe upgrade the shipping of this kind Of stone. We ordered the 3 month package so I'm looking forward to seeing the next orders. Enjoying it so far.

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Cosmic Crystal Box said...Jul 08, 2019

I am sorry to hear that the tourmaline arrived crushed, I will send you out another piece so you can have the complete set intact.

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