CosyKiller: For the Armchair Sleuth

by Cosykiller
Crack the case with this interactive murder mystery subscription box.
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Good grief! They musta used the pages as

Jun 27, 2019
Stephanie A.
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I haven’t started the storyline. The journal was burnt so bad it is all over my hands. Smells awful. I can’t even read the last pages. I’m going to contact the seller for a new journey that smells like Masela rather than paper used to light a fire. Sigh

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Cosykiller said...Jul 02, 2019

Sorry you've not enjoyed your first box. The burned state of the journals are a deliberate ploy by the story writers to create an authentic experience.
A house fire is part of the story.
If you specifically don't like the authenticity of the burning - we can ship an unburned version to you from the UK (we receive them here unburned and spend hours burning them by hand to make them look and feel authentically like they've been through a house fire!)
A UK shipment of a replacement untainted copy will take around 10 -14 days to reach you as we have to ship them via airmail.
Let me know what you'd prefer. I can ship another burned copy from the USA...