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3.4 of 5 stars
by Goldtong written May 04, 2018
I'm seriously considering calling my credit card company and disputing the charge as fraud. I discovered Creative Mercantile on April 10th. I didn't want to pay for a subscription and wait a whole month so I emailed Christina and asked if I could start in April. She replied within 30 minutes, "I do have a few April boxes - I can easily adjust your sub so you start with that one :)" So happily, I create a log in, subscribe, and sent her my reference number. After an hour she replies, "Great!! I will get this off to you today - tomorrow at the latest" Well... It's now May 3rd and I've yet to receive this wondrous box shipped via first class mail. I've sent 3 emails within the week asking for an update or tracking number. ZERO RESPONSE! Odd that, considering she had no issues responding to my first emails within the hour! If they don't reply within the week I'm disputing the charge and reporting Creative Mercantile to the BBB.
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Mixed bag
by shawn written Mar 12, 2018
Probably easily met cost. Washi, stickers, rub ons, journal note cards, sticker pockets. Fun for journals and mixed media projects. I’ll try another month.
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2nd Chance, Still Disappointing
by Renee written Feb 27, 2018
In fairness to the latest 5-star reviews on the February box, I say, yes, this was a nice box --- for a child. CM was kind enough to send me a complimentary February box after my January box (and the first box I received) was a huge fail with communication, shipping and finally the contents. I was told my complimentary Feb box would be sent in early Feb. After numerous communications from me to the seller, I finally received my Valentine Box TWO WEEKS after Valentine's Day. Again, the box contained goofy items for a 10-year-old. Not all adult crafters are into cutesy, silly, childish items like balloons, stickers that say, "Suck it Up" and all sorts of things that an adult would not choose. The seller really needs to think outside the crate and appeal to a broader audience or she will continue to receive polarized reviews. Such a disappointment.
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by ChantelLaPere written Feb 24, 2018
As usual, this was the best box ever! I The February/ Valentine's box was amazing! I loved the fortune cookie cards we got to make. Best of everything in that box and I can't wait until next months! I am sorry for people who say they aren't happy because I can honestly say, I am amazed of how great it is especially compared to others out there.
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by ChantelLaPere written Feb 24, 2018
As usual, this was the best box ever! I The February/ Valentine's box was amazing! I loved the fortune cookie cards we got to make. Best of everything in that box and I can't wait until next months!
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Very Nice!
by Sharon written Feb 15, 2018
I don't know if CM has read all the bad reviews recently or I just got lucky, but I loved my first box!! The Valentine's Day theme with so many interesting items was, in my opinion, spot on! I subscribe to several stationery and sticker companies on CJ, and this one ranks right near the top for me. Keep up the good work, CM!
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Waste of time and money!
by Renee written Feb 02, 2018
Based on the photos that this subscription uses on line to advertise, trust me when I say, what you receive is not even remotely close to what you see online. After two weeks of chasing down the seller with emails, I finally received my first package. Ugh! Contents are childish, boring, lackluster. I even received a grade-school, lined school book (the cover can be colored) that I can pick up at my local Walmart for .50. If I were 12-15 years of age, maybe I would have enjoyed it. I'm blown away at the photos used on line, because that is what I thought I was receiving. Not a chance. Cancelled my subscription. Don't waste your money, just go to Michael's, Joanne's, and Hobby Lobby and choose exactly what you want. What a disappointment.
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by Diana written Dec 15, 2017
Not happy with my package at all. I don't feel the items were worth what I paid.
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Not What I Expected
by Monica written Jul 08, 2017
I decided to give this box try after watching a few unboxings on YouTube. So, I was surprised when I received my box today at the contents, or should I say the lack of. It didn't seem as much thought or care went into this month's box as seen previously. I was under the impression that each box came with a description/price sticker on the inside lid of the box, but there wasn't. There was nothing to indicate cost per item, or details on each item should we want to purchase more. Nor was there an idea sheet. I definitely do not feel that this particular box was worth my money and am canceling my subscription. I could have gone to Michael's and purchased WAY more variety of items than what I received. Bulk of the items felt like it was something that could be purchased from Dollar Tree and the presentation was also disappointing. However, If I had to say something positive about this box it would be that the shipping was fast. My favorite items were the 70 pc washi shapes booklet by Heidi Swap, and the ship shaped paper clips. I tried to provide a description below of the box. I wish I had the capacity to attach photos but, hopefully you all will find this helpful if considering this subscription. This Month's Box Included: 1 sheet 3D Paradise Found puffy sticker by Paper House 2 quarter(ish) sheet sized stickers by Creative Merchantile (flags, phrases, and summer themed) 3 (small) sheet sticker pack,111 words by imaginisce 4 anchor stickers 1 scooter clear acrylic stamp by imaginisce "Today" clip magnet 2 ship paperclips 4 sheets of stickers by SN@P! simple stories 70pc washi shapes booklet by Heidi Swap
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already left a review...
by ChantelLaPere written Jul 05, 2017
I already said how much I love this subscription but the thing I wanted to say is that I wanted only one or two boxes at the most, so I cancelled my subscription only to renew it!! I like it so much I decided to keep on! Cannot wait for my next box...I really like am happy!
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