Cryptid Crate
A monthly subscription box filled with cryptozoology and paranormal-themed items.

$39.99+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.0 of 5 stars
by Sasha written 6 days ago
We love our subscription as look forward to it every month. We REALLY love we we get a patch....highly recommend! Entertaining and fun! Great job, thank you!
Love this subscription box!
by Eric written last year
My husband and I have been getting the cryptid crate from the first run and we love it. Each month we look forward to the next box. From bigfoot to the flatwoods monster, we enjoy the theme of the boxes, the thoughtful choice of items for each box, and just the fun of getting to see what's next. Highly recommend this subscription.
by Polly written last year
Disappointed. Not a lot of things. Not worth the money. I did enjoy other boxes. Will give it one more chance. Be warned on this one
by Jessica written last year
With all the rav reviews, I thought this box would be amazing. This box is not worth $40. I got a tshirt, a book, a patch and apparently a burn DVD. (As in they made copies of a DVD they own.) The shirt was nice and the book seems ok. I'm hoping this was just a one off. Normally, I will give a new box at least 3 chances to see if it worth it. I'm not sure I will be giving them a second chance. This one was so disappointing. The shipping was late but it happens at least once with other boxes. So I'm not judging them on that.
2nd Cryptid Crate
by Teresa written last year
Hard to decide but I think I like this one better than the first one. I especially enjoyed the DVD and the 'field guide'!
Perfect Timing!
by Matt written last year
First Crate was awesome! The augmented reality shirt was really cool and I had fun playing around with the app. I'm taking a trip to South Carolina next week, so the book is perfect. I just might stop through Bishopville to see if I can find the Lizard Man myself! I'm looking forward to the next Crate!
Great find!
by Gary written last year
Box arrived quickly, contents are great. Really excited to wear my new shirt and read Lyle's book. I gave up 2 other monthly subscriptions just for this and I am not disappointed.
So much fun!
by Teresa written last year
I got my first Cryptid Crate this month and I loved it! My husband and I especially loved the ladle...and the t-shirt...and the book...and the patch! Worth every penny.
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