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Crystal Subscriptions // Monthly or Gift
THE subscription for any lover of the mystical, magical, or metaphysical! Several styles to choose from, there's something for everyone! Crystals, herbs, smudging tools, hand crafted jewelry, and more! Choose from the dropdown menu before checking out. All items are curated and/or created by a certified crystal and vibrational healer!
  • Crystals, Stones, Minerals, Gems, Gemstones, Jewels, and More!
  • Holistic Healing Tools for Your Unique Journey!
  • Monthly Crystals, Herbs, and/or Jewelry!
  • Metaphysical treasures perfect for any level of crystal experience!
  • Witchy and eclectic- something for everyone!


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Want to give 5 stars, but...

Mar 19, 2019
Shannon M.
17 Reviews
26 Helpful Votes
subscribed for 41 months 13 days

Every freakin crystal box sends the same crystals, every freakin month!!!! Thank you, I’ve got PLENTY rose quartz, amethyst, pyrite, labradorite, jasper, onyx, clear quartz, citrine, selenite.... & I’m guessing just about ANYONE interested in crystals — collecting them & learning about them — is familiar with these & the other basic, boring, everyday, easily identified & found crystals & gems in this & every other crystal box out there. Seriously, I mean, that’s pretty obvious & logical, right???? I don’t want the stones & crystals I can buy at truck stops & tourist shops... intro me to something I didn’t discover by the age of 10!!!! ESPECIALLY in these more expensive, higher end boxes!!! I’d gladly take fewer obscure pieces over getting 10 rose quartz & amethysts EVERY MONTH!!! (This review is also posted for all those other boxes, too).

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Where is my shipment?

Jan 24, 2019
Ana L.
2 Reviews
3 Helpful Votes
subscribed for 1 month 7 days

I would love to review this month’s box, but I haven’t received it. It’s the 24th of the month. I’ve reached out to the seller 3 times with no response. I will be canceling my subscription. Don’t waste your money.

Verified Purchase

Love this subscription

Apr 29, 2019
Joan C.
3 Reviews
1 Picture
subscribed for 4 months 20 days

The items were the sachet...would love just one bag of only small different sachets scents for my dresser drawers...12 would be great...

Verified Purchase

Not what I imagined

Apr 07, 2019
Kelsey L.
1 Review
2 Helpful Votes
subscribed for 5 months 2 days

Lots of super small crystals, usually the same.

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Monthly Smudging Tools

Mar 18, 2019
Tobi M.
1 Review
2 Helpful Votes
subscribed for 1 month 8 days

I paid for this subscription February 7. I was told I would receive the March box, which was fine, but by the time March 10 came around for the next billing cycle, I still hadn't even received a shipping notification or acknowledgement that I should be expecting a package. I let that be and allowed myself to be billed for April's box. I then got a shipping notice later that day. I checked the tracking for three days and it still said it hadn't done more than print a shipping label. My package was shipped out March 13 and didn't arrive until March 18. I was emailed twice before even receiving the package to review the box, saying it shipping on March 10 (when the label was simply printed then and it didn't ship until the 13th). The contents were two crystals, a sage smudge stick, and a room spray. I was pretty disappointed in the value, as I didn't want any kind of room spray and would have much rather had more crystals or an additional smudge stick. I have allergies to many scents so I picked this box to avoid wasting money on something I can't use. It's a bit too much money for such a lackluster assortment. Hoping my April box is better.

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Subscription box!

Sep 30, 2018
Cara D.
1 Review
2 Helpful Votes
subscribed for 29 days

I loved my box! Everything was wrapped very carefully. I got four crystals a bracelet and a bag of herbs/sage! She put information about all of the items into the box about what they meant and how they could help me! I can't wait to get my next one!!!!!

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Jul 10, 2018
Vicki R.
1 Review
2 Helpful Votes
subscribed for 3 months 20 days

I wish I could remove my other reviews because it was no fault of Crystal & Creations at all. It was put in wrong mailbox & the people who received it decided to keep it. I'm truely sorry for the low rating. My deepest apologies.

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Lotus necklace ❤️

Jan 16, 2019
Jill F.
18 Reviews
16 Helpful Votes
subscribed for 11 months 13 days

This box was a hit for me this month . With birthday coming up and garnet as my birth stone. I absolutely adored the necklace. Plus the labels on the crystals. The incense holder is one of a kind too! Great job . Jill

Verified Purchase

Jan 10, 2019
Michelle E.
1 Review
3 Helpful Votes
subscribed for 1 month 3 days

Im sure the content is great but i ordered thus december 7th as a gift and its now january 10th and im finding iut that the package hasnt even been shipped out, and i was tokd by the seller weeks ago that they had been shipped. Not happy right now, and im certainly not buying again.

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Blown away!!

Jul 23, 2018
Ashley A.
1 Review
1 Helpful Vote
subscribed for 1 month 7 days

I cannot begin to tell you all how AMAZING the big crystal Box is. I’m Wiccan and have collected crystals for 30 years. I recently lost my entire collection due to a massive fire. I’m trying to begin again. I ordered this box and couldn’t wait to get it. My new crystals are gorgeous and full of great energy. The company has been wonderful to deal with and so knowledgeable. If you’re a crystal lover then I highly suggest you get this box!

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