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4.4 of 5 stars
by Vicki written Jul 10, 2018
I wish I could remove my other reviews because it was no fault of Crystal & Creations at all. It was put in wrong mailbox & the people who received it decided to keep it. I'm truely sorry for the low rating. My deepest apologies. Vicki
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A favorite box!
by Rose written Jun 25, 2018
I am thoroughly enjoying the boxes Erica puts together. The reading is clear and informative. The crystals are a good size. Color and condition always on point. Love receiving this monthly!
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Crystal jewlery
by Samantha written Jun 14, 2018
The necklace is pretty but I thought it would be better didn’t seem worth the price. Hopefully next month is better or I will be canceling my subscription 😩
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First box was Great
by Rose written Jun 01, 2018
I am so happy with my first box from Crystals and Creations. I am already anxious for the next one. It's great little box for Crystal me. The pieces were big and white lovely! I do not want to ruin the surprise aspect of subscription boxes,just be confident knowing you will love it.
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Really great value
by Cassandra written May 14, 2018
Lots of stones, all lovely.
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by Samantha written May 11, 2018
Good quality and very thoughtfully put together!
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Great box!
by Rachelle written May 11, 2018
I got my third box yesterday, and as always it had a great theme and subject. I loved the crystals, large sized and very pretty specimens I did not have, one I had never even heard of! Also got a beautiful jar of pretty stones, with a beautiful purpose behind it. This is a must have box!
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Not worth the $50
by Brienna written May 11, 2018
I was so excited about this box. I received 3 pieces of cheap jewelry which is no where near what i was expecting for the price. I have subscribed to a lot of boxes but this by far is not worth the money!!! I contacted the seller and was told that those 3 pieces were worth $70!! Im so disappointed because not only do i feel i have completely wasted $50 but out of the 3 items I received, i wont wear/use any of them.
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My first box
by Sharon written May 09, 2018
I got my first box and I love it! The crystals are all large and of perfect size. And the extra is a jar with more crystal pieces and bits. All in all, for my first box, so worth the price. I love it! Thank you 😊
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My first crystal box - very impressed!
by Daphne written Apr 13, 2018
Recently I've been interested in studying witchcraft, and I knew first and foremost how vital crystals can be to the craft (besides being fun to own regardless)! Upon receiving my boxes I was very happy to find that everything was clearly labeled (very important for a newbie) and packaged in a way that would prevent damage. I purchased the smallest size box for a 2 month period, and gained enough crystals & gems that satisfied the price for me. The only reason I've cancelled (temporarily) is because I'm saving up, but I will definitely be back! My only minor critique is that the second "box" I got was sent in a small envelope, which might have worked size-wise, but really isn't a good idea for a subscription based company, especially considering how often envelopes are mishandled/ripped in transit.
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