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My first crystal box - very impressed!
by Daphne written 10 days ago
Recently I've been interested in studying witchcraft, and I knew first and foremost how vital crystals can be to the craft (besides being fun to own regardless)! Upon receiving my boxes I was very happy to find that everything was clearly labeled (very important for a newbie) and packaged in a way that would prevent damage. I purchased the smallest size box for a 2 month period, and gained enough crystals & gems that satisfied the price for me. The only reason I've cancelled (temporarily) is because I'm saving up, but I will definitely be back! My only minor critique is that the second "box" I got was sent in a small envelope, which might have worked size-wise, but really isn't a good idea for a subscription based company, especially considering how often envelopes are mishandled/ripped in transit.
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by Kimberly written 13 days ago
I’m an avid gemstone collect. I spent $100 on some small piecs of common gemstones, and stretchy cheap bracelet that is too small (average wrist) a necklace jar and a sage bundle every time. I feel that this was way too much money for a few small common gemstones. I tried it for 2 months and cancelled. I was hoping for some nice unique obelisks or rocks gemstones.....
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Crystals & Creations said...
10 days ago
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. My boxes are curated and created with love and based on the current market for these items. April's big box included a crystal necklace, crystal bracelet, raw crystal set with several rare crystals, a giant aquamarine specimen, sage, several polished crystals, two Crystal towers, metaphysical guide, and a bonus. If you had specific requests for your box, we would have been happy to comply if you had emailed us. We LOVE happy customers! We hope you find the box of your dreams.
Great box
by Ana written 27 days ago
I read the comments and would kindly disagree. I enjoyed each stone that came in the box. I buy stones from a local shop and the stones in this box can compare to the quality of the local shops. The handmade bag was a great touch. When buying this box, you are buying it for the different selection, the surprise, and the love of stones and crystals. Yes you can easily buy these at the shops like some others have mentioned, but then that takes away from the mistique and selection that this box comes with. I really enjoyed the box and would order again.
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Decent box but a little overpriced
by Jennifer written 27 days ago
I liked the variety of items in the box but I was a little disappointed that most of the crystals are very common and I can easily buy them in toy shops or bookstores.
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Mediocre at best...
by Rei written last month
EDIT: I am re-writing my review as I have gotten my box after some misunderstanding. In the discription it is said to have a value of 22 dollars and 4 added value with the free shipping, that is not the case. I not only collect crystals but I also wire rap crystals and tie hemp, the quality of these “samples” are low and brittle. The box has a value of 10-14 dollars, if that..... If you are a novice to crystals and gems then this is a great start for you. If you are not you will be disappointed, the value is over rated and the “custom” bag that the crystals were sent in already fell apart as soon as I opened it to view the stones.... I would not recommend this box over others on this site. I get crates to get a different look and surprise of crystals and gems but I did not get that from this crate. ORIGINAL: Was told my package was sent out and it still hasn’t arrived. When contacted seller didn’t even look at my information, I was told if I bought a crate then it was sent out already. This was last week..... will be looking for a refund. One start for poor communication and not receiving the product I paid for.....
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Crystals & Creations said...
10 days ago
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. The subscription style you ordered was the 'Petite Crystal Set' that was to include several Crystals and Stones measuring approximately .5 inches each. This option is a great start up collection for people who want an assortment of small stones on a small budget (shipping included in price). Please be sure to check out the item details for boxes before purchasing so that you know exactly what you will be receiving. Customer satisfaction is so important and we hope you find a box better suited to your taste. Best of luck. :)
Great subscription!
by Rachelle written last month
I got my first box (crystall 411) as the information provided, so that was a great start. The crystals were packaged beautifully, were all large in size, and great colors. All information was provided for the crystals, and the theme was very good for me. Loved the citrine cluster, fascinating shapes and color! I am very glad I chose this for my crystal collection.
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Love this box!
by Zane written last month
Love, love, love this box! Got it as Christmas present to myself. Got the most beautiful jewelry and crystals in my boxes. Highly recommend!
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Great Box
by JBD written last month
Nice quality stones. Packaging was good too.
by Zella written 2 months ago
I received the Crystals, Herbs, & Jewelry Subscription Box as a gift & I am so in love!! <3 The stones were absolutely beautiful & add such great vibes to my altar space along with the sage bundle. I wear the bracelets religiously to bring me peace & happiness during my day. I will most definitely be subscribing for myself and will give as gifts in the future! <3 <3
Beautiful Stones!
by Amy written 2 months ago
My first Crystals 411 Subscription Box arrived in February. In honor of Valentine's Day, the theme was about releasing negative energy and inviting in love, joy, and harmony. I received 5 small stones and a small amethyst cluster. I loved the cute little box the amethyst came in - it was packaged like a small box of chocolate. :) A brief description of each stone and tips on how to use them was included. Each stone came in a small, clearly labeled plastic bag. The shipment was packaged very well. The small sizes are great for home decor, setting on an altar space, carrying in your car, purse or pocket. I LOVE crystals and work with clients as a Reiki practitioner - I would be happy with fewer but larger meaningful pieces intuitively selected for clearing/cleansing, helping to discern one's life direction, and chakra work next box. Elica is a pleasure to work with - I highly recommend Crystals & Creations. These stones feel good!
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