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A quarterly delivery of culinary inspiration!
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Culinarie Kit: The Quarterly Box for Home Chefs

Cook often, cook creatively! This is the #1 subscription box for home chefs, bringing an adventure to cooks of all skill levels. We source our ingredients from artisans around the U.S. to deliver delicious, high quality flavors to your door. It's the perfect gift for anyone who love to cook.

  • Discover new ingredients and flavors to expand your cooking collection.
  • The ONLY cooking subscription box that is 100% plant based and shelf stable.
  • Ships quarterly in recycled, eco-friendly packaging.
  • The perfect gift for foodies and home chefs!
  • Each box includes a sampling of gourmet, artisan ingredients from across the United States

Sneak Peek

Photo of Culinarie Kit current box Street Food -OR- Forage

Street Food -OR- Forage

New subscribers will receive either the Street Food box or the Forage box! Street Food is a tribute to mobile cuisine featuring international flavors. Forage is packed with ingredients and tastes inspired from our own Mother Earth.

Order by February 19th to get this box!

Customer Questions (8)


Q: Is everything in this box 100% vegan? I want to order it as a gift for a couple I know that is getting married and who are strictly vegan. One of them is also gluten-free, but not all of the things inside have to be gluten-free. Asked by Leanne S., August 2019

Culinarie Kit answered...August 2019

Hi Leanne,
Our boxes contain ZERO animal products, guaranteed by our own Chef Ellie
who specializes in plant-based cooking. Gluten may appear from time to time
if we include soy sauce or an ingredient that uses flour, though it's not


Q: Hi - do you include recipe cards for ideas for your products?Asked by Carina S., December 2020

Culinarie Kit answered...December 2020

Hi Carina,
We do not include recipe cards in the boxes, but we do include an insert with brief item descriptions and a link to a website with lengthier descriptions and ideas for use. Hope this helps!


Q: Can I choose between street food or forage? Or do you guys pick. I have a strong preference and would really only be interested in one of them. Also if I order now I would get before Christmas correctAsked by Ashley D., December 2021

Culinarie Kit answered...December 2021

Hi Ashley! You are absolutely welcome to choose which box you receive. After you place your order, send a message via Cratejoy or e-mail to subscriptions(at)culinariekit(dot)com and let us know which box you would prefer. We'll make sure you get your pick!


Q: Is it too late to get a December shipment for a Christmas gift?Asked by Kelly A., November 2021

Culinarie Kit answered...November 2021

Hi Kelly,
Not too late at all! We ship all new orders within 7 days of order placement. We're also running a promotion for holiday shoppers right now: use code GIFTWRAP2021 at checkout and your gift order will ship via USPS Priority Mail the week of 12/13/21 with free gift wrap (U.S. orders only).

Reviews (25)

Happy with the changes

Jan 07, 2022
Verified Purchase
Mika I.
5 Reviews
Subscribed for 2 months

I've only gotten one box from this set so far but I am really looking forward to more. The materials inside were really neat and different. As someone who is constantly wishing to try new things, this takes me away from generics and gives me options that my family enjoys. I really love having the new spices and the cooking ingredients, alongside the recipes and freedom to use them as I see fit.

Great Culinary Box

Apr 01, 2021
Verified Purchase
Andrew M.
5 Reviews
3 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

The box arrived while we were starting to cook dinner, so we immediately put everything in the box to use with great effect. Everyone was super pleased with the contents of the box and the variety of its contents. Highly reccommend.

Love it!

Feb 04, 2021
Verified Purchase
Abbey S.
1 Review
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

bought this as a gift for my mom and she was OBSESSED. she loved everything in it, the portions were just enough for everyone to try it a couple times without being too much. We also all loved the packaging and cant wait for the rest of the boxes to come in

Culinarie Kit said...Feb 06, 2021

Hi Abbey,
I'm so happy to hear that your mom loved her gift. We have lots of interesting and delicious ingredients lined up for the rest of this year's boxes, so there's plenty more to look forward to!


Feb 14, 2020
Erika W.
2 Reviews
5 Helpful

I will be honest, I won this box from CrateJoy, but OMG! The contents are awesome!!! Umami Dust? How did I live without this? Black Truffle mustard, are you kidding me? And the Infinity Seasoning, WOW! Just so impressed by the quality of products! And they shipped within 24 hours, with 2-day delivery. I am not sure I can afford this as a regular subscription, but anytime I have a few bucks to spare, Culinarie Kit is getting my cash!

Culinarie Kit said...Feb 18, 2020

Hi Erika,
I'm so happy you're loving your box of culinary goodies! It's reviews like yours that make my day. Happy cooking!
-Chef Ellie

Broken mustard jar has been replaced!

Jun 19, 2019
Catherine B.
1 Review

This is a follow up to my review last week; I received a kit with a broken jar of mustard. Thanks Ellie, I received the new jar today. Quick response and a very happy Culinaire customer!

Culinarie Kit said...Jun 19, 2019

Hi Catherine,
I'm very sorry to hear your mustard was broken! We do our best to pack items securely but sometimes their ride to the destination is just a little too bumpy. I will reach out via e-mail to get you a replacement ASAP.

Awesome Gift

Jun 18, 2019
Verified Purchase
Ashley A.
1 Review
4 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 year

I have gifted out the yearly subscription to my Dads and they have loved all the items within! Customer Service was amazing and very helpful when I purchased a second yearly subscription which overlapped with the first subscription. Culinarie Kit contacted me to confirm if it was an accident or if i wanted to continue the subscription. I quickly responded i wanted to extend it since its such a great product. Definitely worth purchasing a box.

Impressive selection

Aug 02, 2018
Verified Purchase
2 Reviews
4 Helpful
Subscribed for 11 months

Love the spices and tools, always something interesting.

Culinarie Kit said...Aug 28, 2018

Hi Rita,

Very glad to hear you're enjoying your boxes. Happy cooking!


May 16, 2018
Hannah F.
1 Review

You can smell all the spices before you even open the box. I only got the first box so far but I was greeted with delicious looking and smelling ingredients and a rubber chef duck that is too cute. I got 8 ingredients total plus the duck and everything is packed in a kitchen towel which is a cool idea! I really liked this box.


Mar 25, 2018
1 Review

Culinarie Kit offers some of the most creative recipes and ingredients I’ve ever seen. Flavor profiles you thought were forever segregated are brought together to make something greater that it’s parts. Every month is something new and unique! My friends think I’m a genius in the kitchen and I’m gonna keep it a secret that it’s all from Culinarie Kit!

Try new things!

Mar 23, 2018
Verified Purchase
Samantha B.
1 Review
3 Helpful
Subscribed for 9 months

I love culinarie kit! Using culinarie kit helped me branch out with my cooking, trying new ingredients and new ways to approach food. I gave it as a gift to my mom, sister and grandma and we were all able to try new things together, even living hours away.

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