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Great for new or experienced cooks!

by Elisabeth S., Apr 20, 2017

I loved my Culinarie Kit box! It's packaged beautifully and she has literally thought of everything to include. The recipes are easy to follow and a great way to try new dishes. If you're new to cooking, it's a great way to really get into cooking. If you're experienced, you'll still be amazed at the high quality ingredients that are included, as well as the diversity of them. I was ecstatic to try out all the recipes as well as try the ingredients in dishes I already make. It's awesome, no one who cooks will be disappointed!!

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The best subscription box out there!

by Chelsearoque, Mar 28, 2017

Culinairie Kit has changed the way I feel about being in the kitchen. I'm not known for excellent cooking or even enjoying cooking, but ever since being introduced to CK, my entire attitude towards food has changed! The recipes are easy to follow - even for me! - and the ingredients are the perfect sized samplings to try out. The best part is, CK has a knack for combining flavors in ways I never would have imagined! This kit is a terrific way to try out new recipes and incorporate these new ingredients into recipes you already know and love! You really can't go wrong!

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Hated it!

by Aimee M., Mar 26, 2017

I wouldnt pay 10$ for this.

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Great way to expand your horizons

by Valette P., Mar 22, 2017

You really get a variety of items, and just enough so you can use it a few times. The recipes are accessible and run the gamut. Really enjoy this box!

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Perfect gift

by Toree M., Jan 14, 2017

I bought a 3 month subscription for my grandmother for Christmas. She can be a hard one to shop for because she already has everything she needs. This gift was a hit with the whole family (and by whole, I mean the female population). All of the women in the family were passing around December's box, checking out the ingredients and smelling the spices. Plans were made on the spot for a couple people to help grandma make some of the recipes. To me, promoting time spent together in the kitchen, that was the best part. Outside of that, the box itself was well presented and, well, adorable. I plan on ordering my own subscription. I like that you can choose recipes to meet dietary preferences. I'm not a vegetarian but have been wanting to cut back on meat, and don't really know how. This will be perfect for showing me how to cook a meal that isn't centered around meat.

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Perfect gift for mom!

by Eleanor B., Jan 11, 2017

Xmas shopping is a pain, but Culinary kit was a godsend this year! Subscribed my mom & sister and got a one time box for my office secret santa. Mom LOVED her box and told me she made 3 of the recipes so far. Not to mention it came wrapped in xmas paper-cute touch.

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Changing it up

by Joe G., Nov 23, 2016

I basically make the same 3 dishes over and over. My wife is sick of it. This gave me some new recipes to try that I wouldn't even think to search for and a bunch of cool ingredients to use for them. Some stuff I'd never even heard of that makes you WANT to cook to try it out. The wife is happy with my new hobby, so I'm happy!

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