Culture Carton

A monthly lifestyle subscription for men, with a book included!

$16.00+ $15.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.0 of 5 stars
Awesome Box!
by Bob written 2 months ago
This box is awesome! Every month (3 months so far) I get a fresh package of an eclectic variety of things that every man will, and should, use. Some great reads in each box as well. It's a great value box for your money! Looking forward to next months box already. In short, do yourself a favor and subscribe. Highly recommended!
by Andy written 2 months ago
Not at all satisfied by the first shipment of the Culture Carton, which was sent as a gift for a family members. First off, the shipment was delayed about a week, and then when it did arrive there was no book included! -Unhappy Customer
Fantastic Box
by davis written 7 months ago
Culture Carton has changed the way that I view subscription boxes. Having had some experience with previous subscription services, I was expecting to get a few cool things each month that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. This box, however, challenges me to be better. Each month, I get things that encourage better habits (tidiness, attention to detail, etc.) along with a topical, thought-provoking book. The customer service is unmatched. My second box was stolen off of my front porch the day of delivery. After contacting the company, they fast-tracked another box to me and made sure that it got there safely. Fantastic service, amazing products, the whole bit. You've gotta try this out.
Great Gift
by Therese written 7 months ago
I had no idea what to get my brother for Christmas when I came across this. I liked the concept and thought it might be perfect for a guy like him in his early 30s. So I signed him up for a three month subscription. He really liked it when it arrived and in addition to using the items he was talking to me about the book when I was over to visit. Though he teases that I took the cheap way out only getting the three month and not the year, he still claims its one of the more unique gifts he's gotten. He is going to continue it on his own but I was glad to have hit a home run with this gift.
Skeptical Buyer
by Brian written 9 months ago
I received my first box from Culture Carton and really liked the contents. I use 2 of the items on a daily basis and the book has introduced me to a different way of thinking than what I was used to. I can't wait for the second box to arrive!