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Taste & bake the world! Get exotic ingredients, cultural fusion cupcake recipes PLUS unique snacks!

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Should’ve done one month to test out..

Jan 10, 2020
Kylie L.
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I was a bit disappointed. Based on the previous reviews, I believed this was going to come with the ingredients to make the cupcakes. It did come with one ingredient and an instrument needed to use it, but I expected more. The other individual items sizes were also small/some of them very small. Still interested to try them all with my nieces and nephews and am hoping for a positive cultural experience with them.

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Culture Cakes Kit said...Jan 15, 2020

Hi Kylie,
Thank you for your subscription and review, we appreciate it. Very sorry to hear about the confusion and disappointment of what to expect. You are correct, our full size kits do come with the unique ingredients/ tools to accompany the Culture Cakes recipe each month. However, as described and shown, we do not include all of the ingredients for the recipes, as we expect everyone to have the basics like flour and eggs.
Ultimately, each month we do our best to try and put together packages that we believe most people will enjoy, but because it's a surprise we can't assure that everyone will enjoy every aspect, every month. But that's why we like to change it up and offer different products, baking products/tools and...