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Taste & bake the world! Get exotic ingredients, unique snacks and cultural fusion cupcake recipes!

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a bit lackluster

Dec 10, 2019
Rochelle B.
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It's hard for me to give a rating on all of it because we ordered the small snack box and it just appears to be a mailer filled with random snacks. I'm not sure if the small snack box never comes with a card explaining where the snacks come from or anyting like that? There wasn't even a guide with it. But it's basically just a bunch of tiny snacks put in a bubble mailer. Ordered this for my daughters because subscription boxes are fun for them but regarding snack boxes, this is pretty horribly packaged. From photos it seemed that they come in boxes with tissue or something to make it exciting. We purchased this as a gift and one would think at the very least the subscriptions you send out in December purchased as gifts would be a little more than that. If the snack box comes in a mailer without a card or anything I think you need to let people know that. Because any of us can go to the store and buy a bunch of international snacks the reason we get a subscription is for you to make it slightly special and ours left a lot to be desired. I couldn't even tell you what the theme of this month's boxes because it looks like there's Japanese candy there's stuff from elsewhere in there. don't really have a clue. We get the pinata box which is a comfortable price and it comes packaged nice. It's...

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Culture Cakes Kit said...Jan 15, 2020

Hi Rochelle,
Thank you for your subscription and review, we appreciate it. We do apologize for the delay in a response as it looks like there was a glitch in notifying us that you submitted one. Very sorry to hear about the confusion and disappointment in your order. I see the picture you included and looked into your account and found that you chose to prepay for 3 months of the mini snacks only version of Culture Cakes Kit. We are sorry to hear about the confusion on what to expect as the option you chose is our cheaper, mini version of our kit. As mentioned on our listing and website, the mini kit comes with only 5-8 samples of snacks. This mini version does come...


Sep 11, 2019
Lori M.
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I wasn't impressed .

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Culture Cakes Kit said...Sep 11, 2019

Uh oh! I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your first shipment. Hopefully we can bring a much better experience to your next two boxes!