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Not Worth The Price

Jan 22, 2021
Kathy N.
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Subscribed for 8 days

This box is way over priced for what you get. Not worth $60.00

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Cure Crate said...Jan 22, 2021

Hey Kathy! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us feedback. We're so sorry you don't find the value in our service as thousands of our subscribers do every month. We'd love if you could reach out to us directly to let us know precisely what you didn't feel was of value?
Going through your records (as every subscribers crate is different) based off the information we received you received a single serving package of eye patches with CBN,CBD, and CBG, a full size bag of cookies, a full size tincture, and a full size package of incredible sleep gummies. All of this with an estimated retail value of over $100! We also threw in one of our newest...

Bummed out

Aug 20, 2020
Ronda A.
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Subscribed for 2 months

Im disappointed that I got a repeat eye cream in this box that I just got last month , also requested no bath bomb in this box and they still put one in there. There is no pain relief stuff just edibles and skin care stuff. It doesn't feel worth the money and I don't feel like customer service listened to me. I tried to update my profile for the box curation because I don't want any more skin care stuff but I couldn't find a way to update it. I would not cancel if I could update my preferences to just be edibles and pain relief. I gave it three months and they lost me on the third month.

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Cure Crate said...Aug 20, 2020

Hey Ronda - can you let us know how you communicated that you didn’t want bath bombs? We’re sorry the messaging was missed as we have no record on your account or quiz of this feedback so we want to find out how this slipped through the cracks. You can email us back or respond here!
We will make a note to keep them out of your crates going forward! I’ve also went ahead and initiated a replacement product to go out to you this weekend which will be a pain relief product. We listen to every piece of feedback so we’re going to ensure that your future crates have the personal touch you’ve came to expect. Thanks so much for the second chance!

Cure crate rating.... receive a 2

Jun 02, 2020
Beth M.
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Subscribed for 9 days

Your picture shows 8 items which would be a good investment😀 sorry to report I received 3 samples, small roll- on for headaches, Mouth spray (full size-and a full-size drink,!
$60.00 a month
Most samples are gotten for free! I was expecting “as advertised “ 4-5 full size items!
Please cancel my subscription now, 6-1-2020 8:32 cdt!
I will return to my previous subscription box that I get what they advertised!

Verified Purchase
Cure Crate said...Jun 02, 2020

Hey Beth! Thanks for reaching out. Our packing list shows you received 5 products (gummies, beverage, breath spray, tincture, and roller) all of which were full size. The tincture is higher concentration which is why the smaller size and the roller is meant for a small direct application - and it's standard roller size. We provide customers with over $120 worth of CBD every month for $60, inside of the crate we list the retail value of the box. (Our packing list indicates your crate has a retail value of $175).
We are sorry you're unhappy with your subscription and will gladly cancel for you! In the future if given the opportunity we'll be sure to prioritize the number of products you receive and not...