BohemStyle DIY Jewelry Box

BohemStyle DIY Jewelry Box

by BohemStyle DIY Jewelry Box
DIY JEWELRY KIT with high quality materials and tutorials to make 2 unique DIY pieces of jewelry.

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€21.95 EUR / month

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It's ok, for one project too expensive!

Feb 27, 2021
Julie N.
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Subscribed for 9 months

I subscribed and received the February 2021 box. We have had 3 flower projects that were the same in color and design. We also had 2 Turquoise and blue boxes, and those were NICE with different themes! Now I see we didn't get a christmas themed box, and we already had 2 pink and blue boxes so it's too repetitive and costly for only one piece. Receiving a spring color pastel box for November is so disappointing! I expected autumn colors or holiday. Now I am seriously considering canceling! I am currently trying to get a refund for the November box and return it. Maybe I will stay on and get Dec. And Jan. But I really don't think the value is there. They sell such cute christmas beads, animal beads, many other unique beads in the shop, so those themes should have been used instead of just floral about every month! I expect a different color each month! So there is just Not much variety, and I didn't even mention that It takes 18 days to receive my box from the ship date to my mailbox... 18 days is ridiculous! If this box had more quantity of beads/projects, and not just one it would be a better value. There are quite a few subscription boxes under $20 and you can make 10-12 pieces easy with each of them. I feel they need to multiply the projects we can create with...

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