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Date Night Delivered!

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3.8 of 5 stars
This box is not worth it!
by Sean written 4 days ago
The boxes are cute. As in the box the stuff comes in. But for 40 bucks (shipping is not included) you get next to nothing. A simple craft or activity that could be found on Pinterest, a cheap tasting snack and that’s about it. My partner and I got two boxes. The first had a gingerbread RV that was less of an activity and more of waste of time with minimal ability to actually put it together and no decorations to go with it. The hot chocolate was worse than Swiss miss got chocolate. We only got the second box because they charged us more than 2 weeks before they shipped it and we couldn’t cancel in time. The second box had an activity that took less than ten minutes. It was a figure out the clues type thing that would require an nearly encyclopedic knowledge of certain topics to actually solve. It also had chocolate crepes. Crepes being something that are best enjoyed fresh. If the box was 20 (after shipping) it would still not be worth it. For 40 it felt like they were stealing money from us
Date night
by caitlin written 6 days ago
I’m disappointed with the date night box. I gave it to my dad as a gift and I thought he and his wife would like the fun crafts and activities. Unfortunately the last two boxes have not had crafts like it shows in the photos but had recipes, shopping lists and an invite they had to print themselves. They don’t like to cook and they don’t have a printer at home. For what the box costs I expected a lot more. I hope their third box is a little different and more like the photos advertised above.
Cute Idea
by Amber written 19 days ago
This box comes with everything included to have a date night with your significant other. I really thought this box was super cute and a fun idea. It came in time for Christmas even. I think it’s a little bit too expensive for the items that came on the box. However in saying that I would not mind to buy another box at some point cause it’s pretty cute for a date night.
Best Gift Ever!
by Lindsey written last year
We received one box as a gift for Christmas and we have already signed up for a subscription on our own! My favorite part is it is basically the surprise date your husband would never come up with on his own! Lots of cute little activities and the spotify list made it seem extra special! We just put the kids to bed 30 minutes earlier that night and had alot of fun just the two of us! Thank you Cratejoy!
Never delivered!
by Sara written last year
I was very excited to gift this box as a Christmas present this year. The only problem was that it never arrived.. totally disappointed.
Ripped off
by Laurel written last year
I signed up for a three month subscription. I checked my credit card bill and noticed I was overcharged quite a bit. I emailed the company. I guess since I signed up on my phone, the way the layout is with mobile phones you can't see that you're getting shipping added on to your total for each box unless you actually scroll back up and look. I got a response from customer service stating that it is an issue they are working to fix, but that they won't refund my money. I haven't even received a box yet!
We love Night In boxes!
by BerkleeLeary written last year
We love this service! Have never had an issue with boxes not being delivered, the dates are always unique and fun, and it’s the perfect way for my husband and I to spend quality time together while our toddler sleeps, without having to pay a babysitter!! One of our boxes was a spa night in, which was so romantic and fun. Every detail was thought of. I also love their other subscription boxes. Love supporting this company and their great products!
Love This!
by Kristal written last year
I became a fan of Date Night In boxes back in July, when I tried out the Mom's Night In box. I found the box to be well thought-out and a lot of fun! I can't wait to try out the Date Night In and Faith Night In with my hubby. After the busy and expensive holiday season, it will be refreshing to get some quality time with him for under $50!
Give Thanks Date Night In Box
by Melissa written last year
I loved the Give Thanks box! There's ideas in here I never would have thought of before. The candle smelled so good, I really enjoyed thinking of little things I was thankful for with my boyfriend and we created the survival bracelet. I will be making a care package for the foundation, I'm so glad I heard about them now. It's a good cause. Looking forward to the winter themed box for next month!
Lots of options depending on lifestyle!
by AndrewSmith written last year
Whether it's connecting with your SO, having time in, or having a different activity in the wings for your kids, the NightIn collection makes it so much easier to have an alternative to an expensive night out. Who wants to spend $100 on a dinner for 2 with a babysitter on a random Thursday? Date Night In to the rescue! Who wants to scrounge up $60 bucks for a family of five to go the movies? Kids Night In to the rescue! I haven't used the mom's night in box, but if the quality is like the other, I've got full confidence in it as well. The Night In team was smart enough to punt the boxes that didn't work to focus on the boxes that did and I respect them for that. Rock the house guys!
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