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Horrible Customer Sevice
by Shiloh written 9 days ago
So where do I start with this about the fact that they do not create new themes every month...i got boxes from March and May in August and September. Then I got an email on October 15 saying that they were getting my box ready to ship....but I still have not received a tracking email. Then when I sent them an email they still have not responded dispite the fact that they stated someone would contact me in a day or two. When you try and reach out to them through Facebook.. .surprise they block you! I did see that others have received their boxes with broken stuff in it. I highly doubt I will ever see my October or November box which I have already been charged for. I have canceled my subscription and hope that others will do the same. Do not subscribe to this box!!!!!
Night In Boxes: Date Night In- Faith Night In-Kids Night In said...
3 days ago
Shiloh, We are disappointed to hear that you have difficulties with the delivery of your dates. We ship from the USA, so transit times to international locations can take longer. First, we can assure you we do create new themes each month and we rotate our customers dates based on when they signed up. During the holiday season, all customers receive the same date themes. We have had multiple conversations with you and while we logged a case with your shipping provider in regards to your missing date we went ahead and sent a new date your way. Due to transit times to international locations, your date is still on its way. In regards to banning on Facebook, your language and frequency of posting went against our communities policies and guidelines and we did notify you that you were no longer going to be permitted to post in the community. Lastly, we have applied a full refund to your account and hope this will provide a acceptable solution.
by taylor written 15 days ago
i really wish i could do a 0 star rating. i paid for a discounted deal of 3 months worth of boxes back in August, i have only received one box and in October (not even 3 months later) they charged me for 3 months full price of boxes. first of all where are my other 2 boxes? second of all, a customer service representative stated on their facebook that the boxes do NOT repeat themselves, yet my first and only box was the same as an example online. biggest mistake ever now im out OVER 200 DOLLARS for one stupid cheap box!
Buyer Beware!!
by Melissa written 16 days ago
I purchased 3 mom night in boxes and one date night in box. Having ordered before, I was excited to receive my orders. Well, I received the date night box and the first mom night in box. Guess what? It had the exact same contents EXCEPT the activity was different. I would not have spent money on both boxes knowing they would be identical except for the activity. The box also was underwhelming, not worth the $35 each box this time. I reached out to customer service but haven't heard much back. Really disappointed, was anticipating the different styles boxes to be completely different in contents!
Night In Boxes: Date Night In- Faith Night In-Kids Night In said...
15 days ago
Melissa, we are sorry that you are less than impressed with our Night In Boxes, and as we have explained in our private correspondences our Night In Boxes are similarly themed with variations across each brand. We agree with you, there were similar contents in each box, but the experiences - the focus on our Night In Boxes- were very different. For example, our Date Night In included a kissing game, while our Mom's Night In included a journaling exercise for self-love. We did offer to send you a different Mom's Night In, which was accepted, we hope that all of these will be enjoyed. Thank you.
Buyer Beware
by TRICIA written 18 days ago
Cute idea for new parents, but not worth the money. Luckily my first 3 months was discounted. I forgot to cancel at the end and since they give no reminders about renewal they refuse to reimburse. I contacted them 3 times before getting an unapologetic email back. Save your money and take that same amount and go out to eat or go to the movies. Same price as a real date!
by Susie written last month
I signed up for a 3 month subscription, receiving one box free as a promotion. Costing me about $50 CAD each the boxes were incredibly dissapointing - a bag of mini pretzels, some kind of disgusting drizzle/dip, and a card game. Awful. But I chalked it down to experience and told myself I just wouldn't renew. Except they renewed for me with no prior warning, and even though I've cancelled and requested a refund I've heard nothing from them. I have emailed my complaint and left two posts on their Facebook page and nothing. Don't subscribe!
Seriously THE perfect Subscription!
by Melissa written 2 months ago
I am a mom of two boys under 5 and a military spouse with zero family around and very little time to put towards planning a date. My husband and I very rarely, like maybe once a year? go on a date. Date Night In takes the thinking and planning aspect away and on top of that, we can do it right from home when our boys are sleeping! I love that each month is a new theme and experience, we have really had fun going out of our comfort zones and creating real memories.
Not worth price and poor custom. service
by Angela written 2 months ago
Signed up for a 3 month subscription for the Date Night In and the 2 boxes I received were uninspiring and obvious. Before even receiving the 3rd box, I was charged again for another 3 month subscription. I was surprised and contacted the company requesting a cancellation and refund only to be told that their policy as posted refuses refunds. Apparently the policy is only posted in the fine print. Buyer beware. Perhaps this service is for you, but if you have 10-15 minutes once a month to plan your own date night in, then it isn't worth it.
Must have with young kids
by Megan written 3 months ago
We have young children and these dates have been such a blessing! We move around constantly and dont get a chance to adventure out often. This allows us to reconnect and make "us" a priority.
by William written 3 months ago
Date Night In has been great with my wife
by Zoe written 3 months ago
Our box this month was missing a dinner recipe suggestion but other than that we loved them. Thanks!