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Poor product, bad customer service
by Andrea written 4 days ago
I first want to say that the boxes aren't worth the cost. The contents are cheap, usually a printed list of questions to ask your partner and something cheap like chapstick and a cookie, and I was disappointed with each one we received for our three-month subscription. I think this is a good idea, but would maybe work better a digital subscription where you download instructions for an activity and pay less money. Because I did not find the product to be satisfactory, I chose not to order more. However, I was charged for three more boxes. As other reviewers have noted, there is some fine print at the original checkout that states you are enrolling in an auto-renewal program. It's intentionally deceptive, as I cannot imagine anyone purposely renewing a subscription here. My first message requesting a refund was ignored and another box arrived. I wrote again, and the customer service representative refused to refund me for the boxes I did not want or consider any partial refund, despite me describing the financial hardship this put my family in. I find it disappointing that a company that pretends to have faith-based values is so openly deceptive. There are lots of complaints on the BBB. I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered.
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Treated Horribly
by Jillian written Jul 02, 2018
Unbelievable! Same as most below...I bought my husband a 6 month subscription in December as a GIFT and had ZERO intentions to get more, not to mention only one months was some-what fun and worth the money. They went ahead and charged me for a full 6 month sub AGAIN and are not letting me cancel even though I have yet to receive one box under this "new" subscription. A good, honest, faith driven company would not be this deceitful. I am working with my Credit card company to fight the charge further seeing as Date night in's customer service was just sending me the same automated response each time. So disappointed and honestly just feel as if they take advantage of people. Please do not spend your money or trust them with any of your credit card numbers
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by Kasey written Jun 28, 2018
Cannot agree more with the preceeding reviews. Despite attempting to unsubscribe you WILL be renewed against your will. Clearly they have no values and zero faith in their product hence the desceptive business practices they're running. Do not order.
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Do not sign up for this subscription
by Andrea written May 30, 2018
I signed up for what I thought was a 3 month subscription. The site is deceptive in how that advertise what the customer is going to get and how the process works. Even when you read the "How it Works" page. Similar to other customers it autorenewed without my knowledge charging me an additional $120 dollars. This company lacks transparency and actions do not represent what their statement mission. Customer service was robotic and of no help.
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Same as all the others
by Veronica written May 29, 2018
Horrible customer service. I was charged for a renewal after I had thought I had canceled my subscription. This company feels like a scam t. They have no phone and they told me if I had read three places of fine print that this wouldn't have happened. Well there was fine print I missed it seems deceptive to make it non-obvious and then to refuse to consider refunds. There was no acknowledgement of the fact that most subscription companies at least send you a reminder email before it renews. Do not order.
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Very disappointed!
by Elizabeth written May 12, 2018
I was very disappointed with my Date Night In boxes. The boxes are very expensive considering how little you actually get in them. Not only that, but their customer service is terrible. I thought I was just ordering a 3 month subscription, but found out that I was actually signed up for an auto renewal that I did not know about. When I tried to cancel my subscription and request a refund, they refused. Customer service was also very difficult to work with. Very disappointed in this company!!
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by Bethany written May 11, 2018
Do not get these boxes. They are not worth the money and they automatically renew and refuse to cancel or refund for boxes that haven't even been sent. So deceitful. Customer service is horrible and non apologetic and not helpful at all. Don’t waste your time or your money!!
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by Laura written May 10, 2018
These boxes are not fun at all and they renew your subscription automatically without clear warning that they are doing so. Contacted customer service and they are refusing a refund. So disappointed to have wasted all this money.
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Not worth $$/Terrible Customer Support
by Menze written May 05, 2018
I loved the idea of Night In Boxes and decided to try it with my husband. We really enjoyed the first box despite the fact the cookies we were supposed to make cookie pops with were smashed. I thought that I might gift future boxes to my friends. However, we got another box with tiny waffles that for a "Sunday Morning" breakfast that would not be sufficient for a normal person. It's NOT worth the amount of money you spend for what's inside the box or the shipping. Then, I got auto-charged for another 3-month subscription. I thought it was like other subscriptions where they notify you that you're about to get charged so you have a change to cancel or I thought I would receive a welcoming email that said "Thanks for continuing your subscription!" I got nothing of the sort. I contacted their Customer Support, knowing they would deny any request for a refund. They did refuse, and I understood why. However, I asked another question, and they ignored me. I sent a follow up, still not response. They don't seem to care about their customers - they only care about the money. They don't have a phone contact for customer service. I tried various links on their site and found 404 errors and other UI errors, which makes their business seem sloppy and unprofessional. I will not be using their services again and will warn my friends and family of the issues I faced.
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Do not purchase
by Nathan written Apr 30, 2018
This company auto charged my credit card when i did not authorize any additional purchase and is now refusing to refund me - the day after the charge hit my credit card. Terrible customer service and fraudulent activity. Not to mention, the contents of the box are not worth the price. They need to be more transparent with customers and actually LISTEN instead of sticking to faulty practices that reflect badly on the company.
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