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3.3 of 5 stars
Not worth the money
by Allissa written 8 days ago
We have received two of their boxes and were disappointed both times. Though their ideas are cute, the box only contains cheap and poor quality items that are not worth $42 a month. We cancelled our subscription. I can plan creative date nights at home on my own without spending that much.
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by Tara written 22 days ago
Please do not change my review to 5 stars again. Company is a fraud. Dates are cheap and not that great but the main issue is they repeatedly charge you under the pretense of auto renewal with no warning at all. Then they refuse to refund your money even tho the boxes haven’t been shipped yet. Needs the BBB on them.
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by Tara written 22 days ago
I subscribed to Date night in and thought it was only a three month trial. The first 2 were ok and the last one I couldn’t enjoy at all but I thought it was my last box and just didn’t complain. Well they Suddenly charged me for another 3 months with no warning email or anything and I promptly contacted them after hearing from PayPal that I’d been charged and even though the boxes haven’t went out these greedy corrupt people refuse to refund my money. Seeing all the reviews on here saying that I figure the BBB needs to get on this. I’m happy to bring it to their attention.
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by Amy written 27 days ago
The company charged my card fraudulently for purchases I did not order and is refusing to refund. DO NOT ENGAGE IN BUSINESS WITH DATE NIGHT IN.
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Don't do it!
by Angela written last month
Just like the other people are saying, do not order! I tried the cheaper 3 month trial when I was automatically charged $120. They finally agreed to cancel my subscription but still refused to give me a refund because they didn't cancel it until the first of the month. So now they keep sending me these cheesy boxes that I don't even want! Its a huge waste of money and I tried it because I thought it might be fun. We only actually did the first date. I have 3 more unopened boxes I don't know what I'm going to do with. I just want them to stop sending the boxes, I don't want or enjoy them like I had hoped I would. Zero stars is what I want to put but that's not an option. I am unhappy with the customer service.
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Very disappointed
by Summer written last month
I really wanted to like these boxes. I'm a new mom and thought the idea was great. The boxes themselves are not worth the money, but I purchased them with a one month discount and thought we'd make the best of them and just not purchase again. Then I was automatically renewed and saw a charge on my credit card for $120. I emailed immediately (because there is no phone number) and was basically told that their policy is to NOT OFFER REFUNDS. At all. Ever. No matter what. Do not waste your money! I've seriously written probably one review in my whole life, but sought out a way to warn other people because my experience was so terrible. Save yourself $40 a month and order a pizza, drink a bottle of wine, and talk to your spouse. That would be a much better date night in.
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Not impressed so far
by Lauren written 2 months ago
The customer service is poor so far. I still have not got my order. They do not resolve problems fast. still waiting to here back. If a company does not have a phone number they need to answer their emails asap. Please night I solve this. Get me what I payed for or give me my money back.1st time customer and not impressed.
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Buying this would be a HORRIBLE mistake
by Rebekah written 2 months ago
First of all - I wish I could give them half a star instead of a whole one. I thought I would give Night In Boxes a try after seeing they were featured in Buzzfeed and liking the website. However, when I received the box in the mail, I was hugely disappointed. The box is very small and contains just a few cheap items that do not even come close to being worth the money you paid. The date described did not seem fun, but the worst part is that it is seriously a huge rip-off, I feel like I wasted my money. I contacted them to ask to return the untouched box. However, the customer service is terrible. They will not accept a return. So now I am stuck with a low-quality box that I paid a lot of money for. I feel like they stole money from me and I got a terrible date box in return. Save yourself a huge headache and spend the money on something else instead. I have no hesitation in promising you that if you get one of these boxes you will regret it.
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Overpriced and Lame
by Danielle written 2 months ago
This was incredibly disappointing. I purchased this for my husband and I to celebrate Valentine's Day. We got a small package that included instructions, a miniature scrapbook, items to make a snack, a disposable camera, and a ridiculously small candle. The instructions had "helpful" advice for setting the mood like dimming the lights and going to their website for a special playlist. They also promoted Marina Makes cooking website to get a recipe for the evening. The package had a packet of six Oreo cookies, red Candy Melts, and lollipop sticks for us to make Oreo pops. They even had the nerve to include an "Oreo decorating mat,' which was literally just a piece of paper with the words "Oreo decorating mat" on it. We didn't make the pops because the combination sounded disgustingly sweet. The main activity was for us to use the included disposable camera (yes they still make them) to complete a small "Story of Us" scrapbook that was in the box. We are all for activities that can bring us closer together, but it seemed more work than it was worth, especially when you consider that we would need to bring the disposable camera somewhere to be developed. They suggested that we play Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who would have to get the film developed. All this, for $34.99. So yeah, we cancelled the subscription.
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by Renate written 2 months ago
This website is a total scam. Do not buy! They charged my credit card but couldn’t find my account when I contacted them for tracking information. I kept asking for a phone number and they just gave me a run around. Contacted my credit card who did some good research to find a an address (in London) and a fake telephone number in Texas! Total scam, couldn’t believe it. Not sure how an outside website blogs about it.
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