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Solve a new stand-alone mystery each month from The Deadbolt Mystery Society.

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Super fun!

May 12, 2019
Jennifer G.
1 Review

Just finished the Toymaker Box. The puzzles were really great and the story as well. I loved the need to use multiple sources for clues. I am fairly new to the mystery box games and have looked for one that can be done for a few hours each week while awaiting the next box. In that respect this fit the bill pretty well. I have only one issue, there doesn't seem to be a linear path from start to finish. All the puzzles are just there, I solved some right away but then solved others later that would have made the previous puzzles easier to solve. simply knowing which puzzle to start with and a clear path would have made the whole experience. That said I have 6 more boxes to work with. Thank you for making an awesome weekend!

Good mental exercise!

Jan 07, 2019
Jennifer F.
1 Review

My husband and I play computer adventure/hidden object games, and I was looking for something a little more "hands-on." This was great! I admit it took me a little while to understand how to play the game (what? No step-by-step instructions?), but once I figured it out it was fine. Clues don't necessarily have to be uncovered in order, although some things lead to another thing. So just knowing where to start was my issue. The puzzles were challenging (sometimes I made it harder than it was), but for our first time with this kind of game, it was good. It took me two tries to figure out the killer. After my first wrong answer, I just went back and methodically went over the clues again. So I solved it the 2nd time thru. I love this idea!

Jun 15, 2018
Beth B.
1 Review

Amazing. Just a bit pricing for me personal but it may be perfect price for you. Apart from price very well written and made!

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