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2.9 of 5 stars
by Tiffiny written yesterday
I paid for 3 months on the 28th of December and it's now January 16th and I haven't received anything, although they say they ship out every Friday and the first box should be delivered in a week. I've reached out twice and never heard back. I would like my money back but I have to settle for 3 nonexistent boxes. Awesome!
by Dawn written 4 days ago
I paid for my 1st month on 12-12-17 one month later no box, no shipping notification, nothing. Reached out 4 times now and still nothing. Shame on me for not listening to all the negative reviews. My daughter started her cycle at a younger age and was hoping to help ease the process with a little something to look forward to monthly, doesn't look like that will happen!! So disappointing!!!
by Gia written 5 days ago
I paid for a 3 month subscription for the Go with the flow package. I purchased as a gift for my 13 year old daughter who has just started her flow. We received 1 box in November containing tampons only and it seems like they sent the smallest box definitely NOT the one I subscribed to. Then we never received a box in December. Then they billed me for another 3 month subscription without even sending a second box out. I emailed stating we never received a box in December they claim that USPS lost packages and would get my December box out asap. I also included in the email no tampons and have not been able to customize my daughters subscription likes it states that you can after first box. Stated CLEARLY my daughter cannot use tampons! Received second box today and guess what? TAMPONS!!! Smallest subscription box not anything like the description of the Go with flow description! This company is a mess and I definitely will be cancelling! Dottbox seems to have it together because Delightful cycle is a complete mess. I wish I could give zero stars because they do not deserve one at all!! Do not subscribe to them!
by ElizabethIvy written 11 days ago
I like it a lot it's perfect but I've asked multiple times for the box I've never gotten and I've been charged 4 times now and the third box is in the mail, but I've asked for the first box, which allegedly was "returned undeliverable", to be sent with one of the months instead of canceling...but no, they're one behind
Ordered a month ago and its late
by Abbey written last year
I have not received a quiz on what I wanted in my box. it's been a full month since I subscribed to this and I have received absolutely nothing. Definitely canceling my subscription
by Holly written last year
I loved what came in my box but I paid for two month only received one box???
by Sandy written last year
They advertise that the mail out is the 10th of the month. That's not happening. I ordered for a 14 year old girl for a 6 month subscription. She likes the box contents....when they finally arrive.
by Gia written last year
I subscribed to my daughter and she was very excited when it came! She adored everything in the box! Sadly she was unable to use the main thing we subscribed for because she does not use tampons and that's all they stocked the box with for Aunt Flo besides panty liners. Everything else was great! I subscribed for 3 months so we will see how the next two turn out!
Kinda dissappointed
by jessica written last year
The box came on time and as expected. But it seems like they didn't listen to the quiz they give you. I said I had a uteran prolapse and couldn't use tampons yet all I got was that, I said I was a salt and sweet girl and I got laffy saffy and butter fingers. a small bathbomb wich I used for my kid cuz it was that small. a couple masks and advil, a foot soak and lotion were the only things redeemable for me in this box. I think i'll stick with going to the store....... :'(
Swing and a miss!
by Lori written last year
Really late delivery, and products I won't use. "Hand crafted" lip balm = cherry chapstick. I would prefer one nice product over a few cheap ones.
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