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2.1 of 5 stars
Hope “sold out” means “out of business”
by Kelsey written Apr 29, 2018
Hands down absolute WORST subscription box experience ever. She doesn’t ship at all until you complain about missing boxes. She sends cheap, useless garbage and pays zero attention to your preference survey. Excuses for bad service are just lies after lies after lies. Shameful.
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I’m very disappointed
by Jayde written Apr 05, 2018
I ordered my subscription box on February 24th and have sent multiple emails haven’t gotten any response yet. I would like to recieve my subscription box or a refund sometime soon hopefully.
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Just Awful
by Kimberly written Apr 02, 2018
I paid the discounted price of $15 at the end January for the Go With The Flow Box and set up a monthly subscription. It renewed on March 1st for the full price of $20, when I hadn't received a box for February, so I immediately sent an email asking why I hadn't gotten my first order. I did not get a response. I sent another email on March 15th stating that I didn't get a reply to my first email and, again, asked when I should expect my order. There was no response to that email, either. On April 1st, I was the $20 charged once again. Since they don't answer emails, I pulled up the website to see if there were other ways to contact the company. Unfortunately, there is no phone number (or any other company information) listed on there. I edited my credit card information so that an inactive card number was listed, then canceled the subscription. I am, basically, out $55 for 3 months of products that were never received. I am extremely unhappy with this experience.
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Finally got a box
by Alicia written Mar 24, 2018
Almost fell on floor when I got home from work at saw the small box sitting there....I'm guessing this is Dec and January box as one?Though a smaller box was packed full. Bath bomb and nail polish was nice.
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by Sandra written Mar 22, 2018
You’re card get charged immediately BUT you never received a box. And questions to the customer service never get answered!!! I disbute the charge on my credit card and got thankfully my money back!!!
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by Tara written Mar 22, 2018
Complete Scam!! I was told that my daughters boxes would ship Friday But that didn’t happen Then She said She Shipped On Monday But The Label wasnt Created Until Tuesday N That’s As Far As It Went Was To Create A Label I Was Given 1 Excuse And Lie After Another!! I Was Told I Would Receive A Refund But No Refund Has Been Issued Which Has Been The Case For A lot Of Ppl After Reading The Reviews I Can’t Believe Cratejoy Would Allie This To Continue And Let Her Keep Scamming Ppl The Only Reason I Gave It 1 Star Is Bc I Can’t Give It Zero
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These people are thieves.
by Ayehsa written Mar 21, 2018
Steal money and never ship products. You should be ashamed of yourselves. People on a budget trust you and you never even reply to emails.
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by Ashley written Mar 19, 2018
I order this a month ago on February 22nd it is now March 19 and I still have not received my box after multiple emails and not response I'm outraged at this point
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by Cici written Mar 14, 2018
I made the mistake of purchasing a 3 month subscription. The first box only came after nagging CRATEJOY to tell Delightful Cycle to CHECK THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL. She told me the company was ran by just herself and she was a single mom, so I had a lot of sympathy and was happy when it eventually arrived (albeit late). This month I hoped would go smoother and unfortunately have not so much as received a tracking number for this month package. The best I can say about this box is its a waste of money. The worst I can say is its a scam.
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by Amy written Mar 13, 2018
I was excited to give this a try. Regretting it! I ordered a 6 month subscription starting in January. I was happy with the first box I recieved. Then I never recieved a box in February. I sent an email asking why, and if I'm going to recieve double boxes in March or get a refund, and never got a response. This is unacceptable and I will be unsubscribing and never recommending this for anyone.
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