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2.2 of 5 stars
by Cici written 5 days ago
I made the mistake of purchasing a 3 month subscription. The first box only came after nagging CRATEJOY to tell Delightful Cycle to CHECK THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL. She told me the company was ran by just herself and she was a single mom, so I had a lot of sympathy and was happy when it eventually arrived (albeit late). This month I hoped would go smoother and unfortunately have not so much as received a tracking number for this month package. The best I can say about this box is its a waste of money. The worst I can say is its a scam.
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by Amy written 5 days ago
I was excited to give this a try. Regretting it! I ordered a 6 month subscription starting in January. I was happy with the first box I recieved. Then I never recieved a box in February. I sent an email asking why, and if I'm going to recieve double boxes in March or get a refund, and never got a response. This is unacceptable and I will be unsubscribing and never recommending this for anyone.
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No box
by Alicia written 11 days ago
I never received the last of my three boxes which was due in december. It auto renewed and I canceled because I didn't want to keep getting charged for boxes I never received. I finally got an apology email and saying they were shipping out Dec box right away and that two kits would be going out together with me recieving my last one around May1st? Anyway I got a tracking number on feb 17 and Feb 24 saying it shipped! But I click on the tracking number and it says USPS has the shipping label but waiting for the I don't get any emails back. I feel so ignored.No plans to renew anytime soon. Just want my boxes. Not delightful experience for me. ☹️
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Buyer beware
by Laura written 12 days ago
This company never ships there product....
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by Jordaine written 13 days ago
Ordered my subscription 13 days ago and it is still being prepared? I emailed and emailed and no response. This is highly in professional and unacceptable! If you are behind on orders put "sold out" on the website. DO NOT TAKE MY MONEY AND NOT DELIVER Viewers take my advice look elsewhere
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by bethany written 17 days ago
wondering why i have not received my first order placed on Feb. 6?? it is now going on about a month, ALREADY had the red devil visit me for this month just hoping to receive my stuff before we meet again. thank you but NO THANK YOU!! unsubscribed✅
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I wish I never joined!
by Ayehsa written 17 days ago
I am her upset. I subscribed for me and my daughter. I have emailed the company and cratejoy. The company has never responded to over 8 emails. I have never received any boxes amlnd I am owed two. This is extremely poor customer service. I want a refund or my two boxes.
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charged 3 times, never received anything
by Lisa written last month
I was charged twice for my initial subscription and charged once for a renewal and have never received anything from Delightful Cycle. I received one email reply from DC after the initial duplicate charge, they said they would refund me, but that never happened and I was still charged the renewal and never sent any subscription box. I have emailed CrateJoy and am waiting to hear what support they can provide me.
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Delightful Cycle said...
27 days ago
Hey there Lisa! I can't believe how badly the ball was dropped here. It looks like a full refund has been promised, and we have a kit being shipped out on Monday (completely on us). It is just the worst that we have failed you here. Delightful Cycle is a two-woman show at this point and we got overwhelmed with the holiday orders and a new baby being born into the family. At this point, we're almost caught up and this refund should be completely processed within 3 to 5 business days. Thanks again for trying us out, and please let us know what you think of your kit (when you finally get it!) We will be including an exclusive 50% off code if you decide to come back. Thanks again, Lisa. We hope you have a great day.
Great CS and monthly kits.
by Brook written last month
We ran into a few problems during the holiday season due to a surge of orders, but that doesn't change that the boxes are great and the customer service is even better! They fixed any and all problems there were. I will continue to be a happy customer.
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by Emily written last month
I ordered 3 months worth on January 22nd. They immediately charged my credit card. I have emailed them once with no response and my daughter emailed them twice with no response. At this point I would just like a refund! I'm very dissatisfied with there customer service!
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