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Still not received!

by Maeven S., Dec 19, 2018

I ordered as a Christmas gift. It was shipped and said delivered but my brother did not get it. At first the company was great and said they would send out a replacement. But then I never heard anything and still haven't received new tracking information. I am giving it another week and then will be cancelling. So disappointed because I thought the idea was so fun!

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Disappointing and overpriced.

by Nathan H., Aug 08, 2018

The price seemed okay at first, but the extra 50% as a delivery fee was really pushing it. Then I had to pay that AGAIN in fees before I could actually get the item.

And to top it all off, it ended up just being a generic silver metal set with the only notable feature being a lion head on the 20 side of the d20.

I already have a near identical set for HALF THE PRICE including delivery that I actually got to choose myself AND that came with a much better case.

This is not remotely worth the price.

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Where’s my dice?

by Lauren L., Mar 11, 2018

Ordered this for my husband and we NEVER received any dice. Waited for weeks and weeks. Never got the first order when I got the email asking if I wanted to renew for month #2. I’ve sent emails and emails asking when my dice were going to show up, and I’ve heard nothing back from the company. NOT WORTH IT.

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