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4th Shipment

by Kaitlin F., Jul 03, 2018

I absolutely love the dice that came. I got a full set of nice bronze metal dice and a really awesome looking d4. My only problem was that this was my June shipment and I didn't receive it until July and I wasn't notified that it was going to be late until the 20th of June, which is when I normally get my shipments. Also that note inside talked about a kickstarter for their dice that had already been going on for a while and had already reached it's goal.

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by Ilish T., Mar 27, 2018

I guess I was expecting a little more for $27 a month CAD. The dice I received were acrylic dice that I could go to my local board game or comic shop and purchase for $6-$15 CAD a set. This subscription would be good for someone who doesn’t have a local store to purchase dice at, or someone with a decent amount of extra money to just get some cool looking dice right to your door, also found when the dice were shipping to be confusing and late. My roommate had the same problem but worse, and paid a lot more for his monthly dice set choice.

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Great customer service

by Meghan M., Jan 04, 2018

They were very quick to get back with me, and totally made up for the extra time it took to get here! And was a hit!!

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