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A monthly subscription box for Diesel Enthusiasts containing apparel, additives, and much more!!

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Jan 10, 2021
Lance B.
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Was a little disappointed with the contents of my first bag or things.....did not even come in a box just a shipping bag. I am not convinced that the money I’m investing in this box adds up or benefits me at all. I was sent a t shirt with the company logo on it that was cool. But then all I got out of the BAG not a box. Was a cheep knife that was falling apart and a thermal blanket I could pick up for 50 cents at Walmart and one little packet of a fire starter gel. I don’t see any of these products useful for a diesel or diesel related. So I hope my next box or bag or what ever you send it in has way more in it and contains proper items that go with diesels or diesel related at least.

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