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Diva Dufflebag

A women's lifestyle subscription delivering all of the diva essentials!

$29.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • Your Diva Dufflebag Box ships on the 4th of every month with 4-5 high quality products! FREE SHIPPING
  • Ships worldwide from Canada
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Diva Dufflebag: For women who deserve a treat!
The Diva Dufflebag is a lifestyle subscription for women who deserve a treat! This box is all about women treating women. We want to send our subscribers the best products, because you deserve it. 4 to 5 items per month. Items include: wine, shoes, cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, and more! Monthly surprises personalized for you! FREE SHIPPING
  • Never get bored of the same products - New high quality luxury gifts monthly!
  • Trendy Products in every box!
  • Monthly Surprises Personalized For You!
  • Women Treating Women!
  • Animal Cruelty Free Products
Subscriber Reviews
2.0 of 5 stars
Lies and Misrepresentation
by Luisa written 3 days ago
I purchased this box as a gift, which is why I'm particularly upset about how everything was handled. I purchased the box on December 30. I received an email on January 5 that the package had shipped. On January 12 I received an apology from the company due to complaints that others had had in regards to their box and that they had shipped out a tshirt as an apology. On January 21 I contacted the company to see why neither package had been received, and learned the packages are actually shipped out of the States, contrary to what was stated online (at the time of purchase it was stated they ship from Canada). On January 30 I was told that the package would arrive by Friday, February 2. It finally ended up arriving on February 5. No package with a tshirt ever arrived. The second box was received today with a tshirt in it (we are assuming this is the shirt), but I have the tracking number for this box and it was shipped well after the email was sent saying that the shirts had been shipped separately, so I'm not sure why it was promised that the shirt was sent when it was not. While I understand that things absolutely happen, I’m extremely frustrated with this purchase, as well as the misinformation I have been given on multiple occasions. The contents of the box are secondary to all of this, but for the record I'd say they're mediocre. I will not purchase this box again, nor would I recommend anyone to do so.
Verified Purchase
what a huge let down
by Monique written 4 days ago
January was my first box, it took forever to get to me, from the time they said it shipped to when I received it, almost a month passed by and I live only one hour away from their head quarters. They had promised to ship the missing shirt along with the extra something to make up for their 'epic fail'. When I emailed them asking where it was, they said they're going to ship it with the February shipment. I told them that I cancelled and was not going to be getting the February box so I asked if they could ship it on it's own. No reply. I've emailed them 2 or 3 times about this and they have ignored my emails. I was not impressed with what I received in the January duffle bag. This is unbelievable!
Verified Purchase
Stole my money
by Jenna written 4 days ago
I signed up on Feb. 10, then began to read some of the reviews on here . Immediately cancelled my subscription within the next half hour . Checked my Visa 2 days later and noticed they have already charged my visa! Contacted the seller , who stated I need to unsubscribe in order for 'auto renewal' to stop happening . This wasn't an auto renewal ! I literally signed up and cancelled the same day and now I'm being charged for something I've cancelled!!! Not impressed at all & I still have a charge on my VISA despite alerting the seller .
Verified Purchase
Diva Dufflebag said...
4 days ago
Hi Jenna, The system automatically charges you once you sign up we did not intentionally steal money from you. All subscriptions on Cratejoy follow the same system. We have made many changes to our bags and have some amazing Name Brand products coming up in the next few months. Cheers, Kelsey Neely and Alana Smit, SHE-E-O’s of the Diva Dufflebag
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