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Diva Dufflebag

A women's lifestyle subscription delivering all of the diva essentials!

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$29.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • Your Diva Dufflebag Box ships on the 4th of every month with 4-5 high quality products! $5 Flat Rate Shipping 5-10 business days for shipping (depending on location)
  • Ships worldwide from Canada
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Diva Dufflebag: For women who deserve a treat!
The Diva Dufflebag is a lifestyle subscription for women who deserve a treat! This bag is all about women treating women. We want to send our subscribers the best products, because you deserve it. 4 to 5 items per month. Name brand monthly surprises personalized for you!
  • Never get bored of the same products - New high quality luxury gifts monthly!
  • Trendy Products in every box!
  • Items include: wine, shoes, cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, and more!
  • Women Treating Women!
  • Animal Cruelty Free Products
Subscriber Reviews
2.0 of 5 stars
Don't bother
by Jo-Ann written May 15, 2018
The quality of this is bad. I got a plastic cup, notpad and book and some vitamins. Certainly not worth what they are charging. Skip this one.
Verified Purchase
by Jacqueline written Apr 20, 2018
I received yet another Diva Dufflebag. I really want to like this subscription because it one of the few Canadian ones but it is just not great at all. It doesn't even come in a box or bag amymore. Just a shipping envelope of loose stuff. This month had a disgusting smelling liquid hand soap in it that looks like a Dollarama find but was worse. It actually smelled so gross that I had to rewash my hands, throw it out and take the garbage bag outside to avoid the smell. Then there was an injury tape??? What is Diva about that? I would have to be injured to use it. There was a small water bottle with towel inside for yoga that was decent. A natural solid moisturizer and soap that are okay too. But overall it was yet another disappointment. I have 2 more months left amd I really hope they improve the value and quality of the boxes. It seems like they have a couple of okay items each month then fill the rest of the box with random cheap stuff.
Verified Purchase
And yet more junk
by Jenna written Apr 19, 2018
This is my second box I've received (after attempting to get a refund twice) A pump soap that looks like it's from Walmart ? Really? And the skin cream looks like it was made by my 5 year old . The sport tape & towel were kind of cool but over all I definitely do not think these boxes are worth what they cost .
Verified Purchase
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