Diva Dufflebag
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5.0 of 5 stars
by Noelle written 6 days ago
Don't buy-huge disappointment.
No customer support
by Emarie written 8 days ago
Thanks Lori (reviewer) bc I had no idea what that chord was! I figured maybe a jump rope but the screws had me really skeptical! I've been trying to reach customer service through 4 outlets offered here, in my email and this "box" official site and I've not heard a thing back. My fithly mermaid subs answers immediately with an acknowledgement of your submission and then reaches out within a day or two, and my customer service rep even included a hand written note. The lack of customer support after the awful package is a total fail.
mystery item update...
by lori written 8 days ago
I had to do an image search online and the item is a stainless steel jump rope. And the clear rubbery thing from last month is a make up sponge.
what a difference a month makes
by lori written 8 days ago
I enjoyed last months box. This month, not so much. No t-shirt, as the sneak peek showed. Items came in a plastic mailing envelope. At least 2 of the items had Walmart labels still attached. One item appears to be a wire coil with screws on the end. No idea what it is. I tried to reach the seller for an explanation but have not heard back.(the other reviewer from today seems to have had the same issues) A card describing the items, along with their retail value would be super helpful but was not enclosed either month. Good luck.
January Box
by Emarie written 9 days ago
There was no card explaining the products, one of which is just plain confusing. Products were okay, several of which are labeled ordered from walmart. I ordered this box after seeing the promised January t-shirt but sadly my "box"/cheap merch bag didnt contain one. Will not be signing up for a subs after sampling this unjoyful crate.
My diva dufflebag
by Sarah written last year
I am thrilled with my Dec 2017 box. Awesome wallet 14 day detox anklet and some clear gummy thing I honestly don't have a clue what it is lol I can't wait till January's diva dufflebag😀😁🤗
So In Love!
by Kelsey written last year
Love this subscription box!
by Kelsey written last year
Best monthly subscription box I have found! Every month I receive full-sized high quality products.
Best subscription box I've ever!!
by Kelsey written last year
Amazing FULL SIZED products every month shipping right to my door! By far the best monthly subscription box I have ever received!
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