Diva Dufflebag
A women's lifestyle subscription delivering all of the diva essentials!

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1.9 of 5 stars
Do not waste your money!!
by Jennifer written Aug 16, 2018
This subscription is the worst! The products are junk, they repeat products every few months, the packaging is terrible-just thrown in plastic mailer bag. I have received damaged products. It’s just a waste of money. Do not buy!!!
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The Worst
by Patti written Aug 12, 2018
I have subscribed to Glossybox, Topbox, SimplyBeautiful and Fab fit fun. The box is garbage. It comes in a poly mailer and 3 out of the 4 times I’ve received the same garbage. Liquid soap that has spilled and soaked everything else. The same lotion stick 3 times, sports tape etc. Every poly mailer has literally been soaked through. Do not waste your money on this. It’s complete garbage.
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Great Disappointment
by MarleneGreene written Jun 06, 2018
I ordered a annual subscription based on the advertisement and it was a Canadian company as opposed to many of my subscriptions that are U.S.A based. I personally all my Envelopes I received were JUNK- Looked like it was items from a dollar store or Walmart- Comes not even in a box. All I know is I will not be renewing after my year is up. As far as I am concerned, Diva Dufflebag used False documentation of their box to get customers.
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Don't bother
by Jo-Ann written May 15, 2018
The quality of this is bad. I got a plastic cup, notpad and book and some vitamins. Certainly not worth what they are charging. Skip this one.
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by Jacqueline written Apr 20, 2018
I received yet another Diva Dufflebag. I really want to like this subscription because it one of the few Canadian ones but it is just not great at all. It doesn't even come in a box or bag amymore. Just a shipping envelope of loose stuff. This month had a disgusting smelling liquid hand soap in it that looks like a Dollarama find but was worse. It actually smelled so gross that I had to rewash my hands, throw it out and take the garbage bag outside to avoid the smell. Then there was an injury tape??? What is Diva about that? I would have to be injured to use it. There was a small water bottle with towel inside for yoga that was decent. A natural solid moisturizer and soap that are okay too. But overall it was yet another disappointment. I have 2 more months left amd I really hope they improve the value and quality of the boxes. It seems like they have a couple of okay items each month then fill the rest of the box with random cheap stuff.
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And yet more junk
by Jenna written Apr 19, 2018
This is my second box I've received (after attempting to get a refund twice) A pump soap that looks like it's from Walmart ? Really? And the skin cream looks like it was made by my 5 year old . The sport tape & towel were kind of cool but over all I definitely do not think these boxes are worth what they cost .
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I was surprised to see the reviews
by Lori written Apr 17, 2018
I loved my Diva Dufflebag!!!There was only one thing in my box that I couldn't use - the tea. Everything else was pretty close to what I said in my survey. I read the other reviews after I opened my box and was surprised at the negative reviews. I hope all those people give it another chance. They can't please everyone all of the time.
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I feel like I was ripped off.
by Nicole written Apr 01, 2018
I love all these different monthly subscription boxes probably a little more than I should. I was extremely excited to get this box in mainly because it was so different (supposedly)from other boxes geared towards women. However, this was far from the truth. I can appreciate the seller trying, but this box/was minimal at best. 1. Why does it not come in a duffle bag, considering the name is "Diva Duffle Bag". 2. Almost all but one item that came in this "bag" you could have picked up at the dollar store or even your local drug store/Walmart. 3. There was no theme to this bag I received. Every little item in the bag was completely random and made no sense. Not one item correlated with another. 4. The shirt itself was so cheap the vinyl lettering was peeling upon arrival. And last but not least.. 5. I waited several weeks to get this in. Seller may want to invest a little more time, and dig into their imagination a bit more if they would like this subscription to flourish. And the way it is now.. the diva duffle bag will soon turn irrelevant.
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Poor customer service
by Jenna written Mar 27, 2018
I signed up for an annual subscription & cancelled it an out later after reading reviews . My VISA was still charged for a full year of boxes . I contacted the company who requested I try the March box before cancelling . If I didn't like the box, they would refund the rest . Fair enough. So I tried the box , wasn't thrilled ...still want to go with a different company . Contacted the company who told me she would have to discuss with her partner before giving me a refund . It's now a week later & I'm going to safely assume my refund is not coming . This is poor customer service at its finest . I will change this review if they actually refund the rest of my money as promised .
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by Jason written Mar 26, 2018
Products in the dufflebag were so-so, but my main reason for the low review is the problems I had receiving the bags. They were late or didn't come at all (March). I might try something else from Cratejoy but I am reluctant.
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