Kids Read Daily Book Club for young readers age 0-12 years old

Kids book club for age 0-12. Books personalized by age/grade for young readers learning from home

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Develop & Inspire your young reader

Kids book club designed for families learning at home. New books delivered monthly personalized by reading level, age, and grade. Whether you are reading to your child, with your child, helping just a little, a lot or not at all. Every month each new book is personalized just for your young reader. Select your child's reading level to get started.
  • Books personalized to match your young reader's level
  • Each book is yours to keep forever
  • Change reader level anytime so your subscription grows with your child
  • Pre Pay & Save even more!
  • Receive 3 new kids books monthly

Customer Questions (5)


Q: Do you ship to CanadaAsked by Sherry R., February 2022

KIDS READ DAILY BOOK CLUB answered...February 2022

Hi, yes, we do. The shipping will be calculated during the checkout process.


Q: when does the box ship every monthAsked by Kristina C., December 2020

KIDS READ DAILY BOOK CLUB answered...December 2020

New orders are shipped out within 3-5 days. Existing orders are shipped out by the 20th of each month. We ship via media mail so it takes 3-8 days to be delivered.


Q: I have two children I'd like to get 6 month subscriptions for, can their books be sent in the same box? Asked by Arealle E., September 2020

KIDS READ DAILY BOOK CLUB answered...September 2020

Hi Arealle,
Yes, if you have two subscriptions for the same household we can process it in the same box upon your request.


Q: How many books come in each box?Asked by Kristina N., July 2020

KIDS READ DAILY BOOK CLUB answered...July 2020

Up to 3 books come in each box per subscription depending on the reading level. For reading levels, 0-2 we send up to 3 books per box and for reading level 3-4 we send up to 2 books/box. Typically the lower reading level books are shorter kids go through these quicker that's why we send more books while higher reading level books are longer and takes more time to read. If you have multiple deliveries in your membership, you will NOT receive any duplicate books. If you ever receive a duplicate or a book that you already have just let us know and we will replace it free.

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Nov 04, 2022
Verified Purchase
Blake F.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 month

Awful experience. I bought as a gift. They create a shipping label the day after you buy it but never submit it to be picked up so you never receive it. They do not ship for over 30 days in violation of federal law even the first package. They do not give you any information and then if you contest it - they ship them all at once. It's just an awful experience. This is not something you can give to someone as a gift. It's just total disappointment

There are Better Curated Sets Out There

Apr 03, 2022
Verified Purchase
Marcella B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 15 days

Based upon the first box I received, I would not recommend this box. I am hoping the next orders are better. I purchased a 6 month subscription of this box imagining the curators would select books that would be appropriate for kiddos within the specific age range purchased and who also have various family backgrounds. I do not feel this is the case. The first book in the package was "I love my Grandma" .... this grandma, "is my mom's mother..." this situation does not apply to my daughter.
The other book was about monsters which was scary for a 3 year old. The other book was fine content wise, but had low quality illustrations. I appreciate that we did not receive any cartoon character books, however I feel like these books were selected because they were on clearance and at the bottom of a barrel. Not great stories here.

So Easy

Oct 31, 2021
Ryan H.
2 Reviews

Thank you for all your happiness you brought my grandson with your books. And thanks for cancelling so

Nov 07, 2021
1 Review

Started this subscription for our older grandson, now 10 years old, about 18 months ago. He has enjoyed all the books and his teachers like them because they challenge his imagination and reading skills by covering topics and situations he normally would not read. His vocabulary noticeably has expanded since he started reading these books. He soon will need the next reading level.
We recently started the series for our 5-year-old grandson. His birthday was too late in the year for him to start kindergarten, so he needs books that will spark his interest in reading. He knows when to expect a new shipment and counts down the days until one arrives. He usually has his parents or older brother help him read one the day he receives it. He sometimes reads excerpts to us via Zoom (we're halfway across the country from where he lives). By the time the next shipment arrives, he can read the previous books all by himself. He hasn't tried to read his brother's subscription books yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Walmart sticker show I over paid by ALOT

Dec 14, 2021
Verified Purchase
Krystal J.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

The books sent this month still had the Walmart price tags on them showing we are definitely not getting the quality for what we paid. Also very disappointed that the December box did not contain any holiday stories. Seems like there was no thought or effort put in to selecting these books. Will definitely not be recommending or renewing this box.

KIDS READ DAILY BOOK CLUB said...Dec 14, 2021

Stickers on the books are not an indication of where the books were purchased. No stickers are removed or added by us due to the thousands of books processed each month. We believe that our price, the value provided, and service stands up against all other leveled reader book subscription service on the market.

So much fun for us

Oct 13, 2021
Kelda S.
1 Review

Best crate I have ever subscribed to. It increases our prereaders library of books. We have yet to get a book she doesn't instantly want me to reread. We have received one duplicate book, but other than that everything is perfecto

Leaders Read

Sep 25, 2021
Amazon C.
1 Review

LOVE THIS SERVICE!!! Beautiful books, quality and colorful. Highly recommend for any young reader. Great diversity in topics, people, and representation.

Excellent way to promote reading!

Sep 25, 2021
1 Review

Fun gift for our granddaughter to have a book subscription for a few months to encourage reading plus receiving a package just for her!

I like it!

Sep 23, 2021
Kristin R.
1 Review

3 books a month. I have selected the youngest reader subscription.
Happy with it so far! 😊

Good books

Sep 04, 2021
Opu R.
1 Review

Really good books! The kids loved them. Good quality and came in a timely manner. Will keep the subscription going

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