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Kawaii goodies for everyday

A crate full of kawaii to bring more cuteness to your month. Receive 5-6 fully licensed, authentic items ranging from exclusive shirts & plushies to collectibles, household goods, apparel and more
  • 5-6 Hand curated, high quality Kawaii goodies each month
  • Plushies & Squishies, collectible keychains, figurines, apparel, miniatures, cooking utensils, stationary, notebooks, candy, snacks and more!

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Q: Would this box subscription be appropriate for a 9-10 year old girl who has recently discovered anime? Are books ever part of the box and if so, at what reading level?Asked by Loretta M., October 2022

Japan Crate answered...November 2022

Hi Loretta! Thanks for reaching out! Be informed that each Doki Doki crate contains a surprise of 5-7 useful products, ranging from unique clothing to licensed collectibles, household items, and plushies, and is appropriate for children 3 years of age and above. We regretfully do not have any books in the crate. Rest assured that while building new boxes, we'll surely take this into mind. Have a great day!

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Sep 26, 2022
Verified Purchase
Lisa D.
1 Review
Subscribed for 12 months

We got a 6 month subscription and things were okay till they renewed without asking and I noticed in my bank account immediately but even though we did not receive anything; they do NOT issues a refund even though it was taken without consent. So, a month goes by and NO BOX! I contacted them, we got an apology and keep waiting. Needless to say we have gone back and forth for a few years and they will NOT give us the boxes we paid for and their “best offer” was to say if we order another 6 months we can get it 50% off! Ummmm??? How does that work for me? They want me to purchase again after receiving one box and the other issues???

Japan Crate said...Sep 26, 2022

Hi Lisa! First of all, we are very sorry to hear you weren't happy with the service provided. Our staff do care and they try and provide the best possible service at all times, I am sorry you feel you have been let down in this instance. Please expect an email from us very shortly. We can't have you, or any our Japan Crate subscribers disappointed with their experience! If you have any questions, we’re available anytime through our support email. Please reach out and we’re more than happy to help.

Not what was advertised in the email.

Aug 12, 2022
Verified Purchase
Mys P.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 6 months

This is the most upset I have ever been. I got an email that advertised a Shiba Inu tote, with a it’s the last day to get this, and a half off crate code, code worked fine, which is what encouraged me to buy this crate, because it’s been out of my price range for a long time, and I am usually a buyer of the snack crate, this was our 3rd Doki-Doki crate, the other two were fine and we did usually get the one item we ordered for, but that didn’t happen this time so I am out that money that I could have spent on other things as this is my Kiddo’s Birthday Month, and I am just so upset, because we could have gotten the snacks instead!

Japan Crate said...Aug 17, 2022

Hi Mys! We're terribly sorry about the confusions. We've checked your account and we can see that you subscribed to August crate (which ordered in July 31st). To clarify, orders placed during the month of July would be for the August crate, not the July crate. When ordering on our website, you are ordering the crate for the following month (example, orders placed in the month of September will be the for the October crate).
Since your subscription was created in 31st of July, the crate that we shipped was the August crate. Please also note, the Shiba Inu Tote bag was from the previous crate which is June crate. Hope this cleared the confusions. We just wish you had reach out before. If you...

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