Essential box for Men

Essential box for Men

by Dude Cover
T-shirts? Underwear? Socks? Handkerchief ? Face towel? Don't worry we cover all things in One box!!

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$36.99/ month

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Low quality, long shipping delays

Jan 07, 2021
Lindsey F.
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I ordered a 3 month subscription on November 22nd and didn't receive a package until January 6th. I then received a second package the next day. I understand some shipping delays due to Covid, and it seems this product ships from India, however I was disappointed to see both boxes torn and completely smashed. We got the same items in each box, just different colors. I was not happy with the quality or sizing- washcloth was generic and just like what I get at Target. 2 identical handkerchiefs, t-shirts that were much smaller than a typical men's large. Overall, not worth the money.

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