Dungeon Crate™
A monthly subscription of RPG accessories for Dungeons & Dragons and other role playing games.

Plans as low as $35.17 / month

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Late & great quality > on time & bad q.

by Tricia, Feb 11, 2019

It took a long time to ship, it wanted to renew before my first box was even shipped, but when it arrived I was very very satisfied with the box. Will definitely renew and would recommend it!

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A most excellent crate

by Trace S., Aug 14, 2018

We love getting Dungeon Crate each month. It's always packed with plenty of things for our gaming table.

Each month comes with a new adventure and many of the items in the box deal with that adventure. We've gotten dice, tokens, dungeon tiles, maps, minis, shot glasses, metal pint glasses, we even got a bath bomb.

If you are into tabletop fantasy RPGs, this is a crate you should check out and I think You'll really enjoy.

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by Cari-lyn W., Jun 20, 2018

We started this box back in 2016 and we have been highly satisfied every single month. We love getting fun items like coins, candles, minatures and tools that help add Ambiance to our games. Customer service from Wayne and his crew have been top notch and personal. They have weekly podcasts and are always moving towards bringing us new and better content.

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Love it!

by Megan L., Jun 11, 2018

I am absolutely in love with Dungeon Crate! I subscribed as a surprise for my husband who DMs for a group of our friends. The crate included tons of cool and useful things! The best thing about Dungeon Crate, however, is their customer service. I had a few questions but Wayne was always helpful and responded quickly when I emailed. If you are looking for a cool mystery box for all of your D&D needs Dungeon Crate's got you covered!

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Fantastic Fantasy

by Sarah C., Mar 26, 2018

Dungeon Crate is the best box subscription if you're a Gamer. Every box has something to spur the imagination. Not for everyone, as it is a luxury item. But if you play 5e or Pathfinder, you'll get alot of amazing stuff to enhance your campaign. Been a subscriber since the beginning.

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Love the Service

by Chelsie B., Feb 02, 2018

We have received our first two boxes and are already anxiously awaiting our third. We love every item Wayne sends us and we really love the community he is building with his social media. We interact with Wayne directly at least twice a week. We have gained many long distance friendships in the world of D&D and it has been great!

Please be aware there are no refunds for this crate, you may cancel but will not be refunded, it is very clear in all of their marketing and service information.
I love opening our boxes on YouTube, if you are still curious search Dungeon Crate on YouTube for unboxings and see me and fellow adventurers showing off the contents of our past boxes!

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been getting this since August 2017

by Shawnda J., Dec 11, 2017

I get 4 different sub boxes. dungeon crate is my 100% my favorite.
you never know what your going to get. the monthly themes go very well together.
great customer service. international shipping.
best variety and they really like focusing on small businesses =) -<3 will have my subscription for as long as I can afford it . =)

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Awesome Tabletop Items + Great Value

by Justin M., Dec 11, 2017

Dungeon Crate is a fantastic subscription box for any tabletop gamer who enjoys accessories and props. Miniatures, coins, tokens, and handmade props like chests and mini-catapults. Useful items like dice, cards, game journals, and fun swag like gamer patches, pins, and pouches. Each crate also comes with a themed mini-adventure. In addition to those great physical items, each month is accompanied with access to a digital crate that offers even more value. Doing the actual MSRP value of items, in the past year of Dungeon Crates, I’ve not had one box that wasn’t worth at least three times the price paid for the subscription (that’s like 70% off MSRP). Absolutely worth subscribing if any of the aforementioned excites you or a loved one.

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Five Stars in ALL categories!

by Drew D., Aug 19, 2016

You cannot go wrong here. My husband and I are the proud owners of our first official Dungeon Crate, a Sampler Crate and we went ahead and ordered 2 more sampler crates as gifts for friends. Cannot tell you how fantastic these are. The items are high quality and not cheap promo freebies or factory seconds you could find at any gaming store but instead top of the line and from independent small businesses of like mind. Shipping is super fast and the staff is knowledgeable, easy to contact, and fast to respond. You truly can't go wrong here. Would recommend this to any fan of Tabletop RPGs, and makes a great gift!

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Got It for my husband for his Birthday

by Caroline B., Jul 16, 2016

Not only Dose my Husband love it. But all His gamer Minions as well. They are Just as exscited To see whats in it as My Husband and I

And We use the stuff. Just last week We where using the Treasure and the thrown and Well in one of the Dungeons the husband DM made us go threw..

I have Recomended this box to a few friends as they love it. I also put the Unboxing on My youTube channel.

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