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EarFleek offers fun and stylish earrings to your door every month!
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Receive fun and stylish earrings every month!

Every month EarFleek will personally style cute and trendy earrings and deliver them to your home! You'll receive the ultimate accessory that can pair with your outfit or perhaps you can show off to your friends! Shipping is FREE! and if you are not thrilled you can always return them!

  • Free Shipping
  • Latest designs and trends
  • A fun surprise every month!
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Customer Questions (9)


Q: Do you ship to Canada?Asked by Emily K., April 2020

EarFleek answered...July 2020

Unfortunately we do not ship to Canada at this time, but we may in the future!

No I don't ship to Canada

by Lennie J., May 2021


Q: If you don't like the style earrings you're receiving, can you change the subscription style? Asked by Vicki J., January 2020

EarFleek answered...July 2021

Yes, you can change your style type if you've signed up on our main website. We also allow you to re-vote on our inventory at any time to let us know which of our styles you like and dislike. We try to send you pairs you like above anything else!

You do have the option to change the style.

by Casey T., March 2020


Q: Can we buy one month at a time?Asked by Rachael G., December 2019

EarFleek answered...July 2021

Yes, you are able to buy one month at a time on our main website. However, if you buy a 12-month prepaid subscription you get a reduced overall price so we encourage you to purchase a prepaid plan, Rachael.

Yes you can buy month to month.

by Casey T., March 2020

How? How do you do month to month

by Jessica J., January 2021


Q: Are the earrings studs? I want to get this for my mom & she can’t wear studsAsked by Amanda B., November 2019

EarFleek answered...July 2021

We offer a mix of studs and dangles! If you sign up on our main website you will be able to use our voting system to tell us which of these styles you like and dislike!

Sometimes they are studs.

by Carrie B., November 2019

When you sign up, they let you thumbs up and thumbs down various styles, specifically so they can choose better for your specific taste. :)

by Lisa M., November 2019

Reviews (193)

Love it!

May 29, 2021
Katie T.
1 Review

I love this subscription! It’s so fun to get cute earrings every month. I love the diverse and fun selection of earrings I’ve received. I’m a teacher so I like to switch it up and the kids enjoyed some of the fun ones I’ve gotten.

An Amazing Way to Grow Your Collection!!

May 24, 2021
Eigh C.
1 Review

I tried out this subscription because it seemed like a cheap way to grow my earring collection with good quality products. They really outdid my expectations! I got so many cute earrings and the voting feature was such a fun way to tell the company my own tastes. There were also a few times when I had to contact support (broken earrings, etc.) and they were amazing! They were always so kind and helpful.
The only downside to this subscription is that my earring collection has grown to be almost too big!

Just get it!

Mar 21, 2021
Verified Purchase
Joseph C.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 years

You won't be disappointed!
I got this box for my girlfriend and she loves it. The quality for the price just cannot be beat!

Cannot go wrong!!!!!!

Feb 01, 2021
Verified Purchase
Dawn H.
30 Reviews
13 Pictures
22 Helpful
Subscribed for 6 months

These earrings are awesome!!! How do they do it so cheap????

Dont do it!!!

Oct 06, 2020
Enithea F.
1 Review

Total waste of time!! I was still excited to try these earrings even though I got double charged. My account showed the pictures of the earrings I would receive and I was so excited but I only received one correct pair of earrings and when I contacted customer service they told me because the wrong pair that they sent me wasn't broken they could not do a replacement that is horrible customer service so yeah I cancelled lesson learn hopefully you guys won't waste your time like I did!

EarFleek said...Oct 11, 2020

Enithea - thank you for your feedback. We feel we provide an incredible value for our price point. We are ultimately a mystery service and can't replace shipments over matters of taste alone. If we did that we would go bankrupt. We do offer a Premiere tier that allows subscribers to choose exactly what they get, and it does cost a little bit more.
We do hope you'll come back and have a better experience in future months.

One of My Faves

Jun 08, 2020
Ciara R.
3 Reviews

I've been subscribed to EarFleek for a while now, and it's a happy little treat every month that doesn't cost much at all. You can go online and vote for which pairs you'd like to get and which ones you don't want. However, recently, I received a cute pair of earrings from them that I was definitely going to wear, but for the first few days I didn't take them out of the bag. EarFleek emailed me and said they may have sent a damaged product, and to let them know so they could replace it. I took a closer look at the earrings to see the backs were, indeed, on incorrectly, and when I tried to push them into place, they snapped off. I let EarFleek know, and they put a replacement in the mail right away. However, I had the same problem with the new pair, but I just figured it was that one pair that wasn't being made properly and EarFleek had already tried to solve the problem once so I didn't want to complain. But then I got the next month's earrings, which happened to be my favorite animal, the panda. They had the same problem with the backs being on wrong (they're slanted and not in the middle of the back of the earring, so it's impossible to put them on). I wanted to wear these, so I emailed EarFleek and explained the situation to them, and they wrote back right away and put a...

you gotta be dumb not to get this

May 07, 2020
Alix R.
1 Review
1 Helpful

I love this subscription! i read a lot of bad reviews about earfleek and i was contemplating not to subscribe but i thought for like $3 i might as well, and i’m so happy i did!!! most of the bad reviews are from people who are cheap asf and aren’t willing to support a small business/ pay for a quality product, although i havent worn my earrings but they’re so cute and you literally get to choose the type of earrings you want .. like if you got sent earrings you didn’t like , it’s not their fault . overall a 9/10 periodt . AND their packaging is so freaking cute ❤️❤️❤️


Apr 14, 2020
Verified Purchase
Melissa W.
8 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month

My daughter loved it

Pretty much perfect

Sep 26, 2019
Verified Purchase
Lizz L.
4 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 month

The price, the packaging, the earrings--it's all kind of perfect. This box is cheaper than a fancy coffee and delivers peak goodness.

Love it.

Sep 23, 2019
Verified Purchase
Amanda E.
1 Review
Subscribed for 1 month

Love my first set of earrings. Can not wait to wear them.

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