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The Healthy Home Subscription Box - Sustainable & Zero Waste! Get Rid of Harmful Chemicals!
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Saving the Planet One Home at a Time!

Get rid of harmful toxins and chemicals in conventional cleaners! Turn your home into the healthy paradise you and your loved ones deserve AND save the planet tons of plastic and toxic waste! All that WITHOUT having to spend endless hours in making all products yourselves! With our box you get everything you need to maintain your home naturally!

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Q: What are the "soap nuts" and how do they work? Asked by Farrell E., May 2020

Hi Farrell,
Thanks a lot for the question and for the subscription!
The shells of the soap nut contain a natural soap, called Saponin. When the nut shells absorb water, the saponin is released, which creates a soaping effect. Saponin is 100% natural and biodegradable, making it an excellent alternative to chemical detergents.
To do a load of laundry with soap nuts, simply put 5-6 soap nuts in the supplied washer bag and then toss it into your washing machine.
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by Aleks G., May 2020

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1 review

I really love this box!

Apr 27, 2020
Emilia B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

I really love this box! 👏🏻The Castile soap is gentle, the paste did wonders with my stove and all the products IN has been arranged with care and attention:) I will never bye laundry poudre again after trying the soap nuts🙃 I strongly recommend this box to everyone who cares about the zero waste and pollution! If you try the box you will love it!!! Thank you, ProfiClean 👏🏻

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