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Delivering lifestyle essentials for the busy, professional woman.

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  • We will ship the first week of the month. All those who subscribe by the 11th will receive their emBOSSed Box the following month.
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Be emBOSSed! Rise up. Stand out.
The emBOSSed box is a perfect match for any busy professional woman. It includes 4-6 items to brighten your day, maximize your time, and cultivate greatness. Each item is hand selected to support your learning, your focus, and your mindfulness. If you want to grow as a leader and feel engaged at the workplace, the emBOSSEd Box is your solution.
  • Hand selected items to support the leader in everyone.
  • Unique office accessories to bring the fun back into work.
  • Inspiring books and quotes to keep you motivated each day.
  • Products that give you permission to pamper yourself.

Subscriber Reviews


by Ime, Feb 25, 2018

This box was so beautiful! Every item was quality, full packages of designer items, stress relief items that did not have overwhelming scents (a huge plus for people with scent sensitivities), a gourmet snack that I both wanted to stop and eat immediately and also was so excited to see everything else, I just could not eat it yet. The book was new (not used) but old (published a while ago) however it is one of those books everybody says to read or re-reads and the box owner included a great reason why she chose the book: it inspired her to do what she does and she wanted box subscribers to feel the same. I think that is great! The price point for this box is higher than almost any other box to which I subscribe, that is literally the only negative thing I can say. I really loved it from the inside packaging, to the personal touches, to the items themselves. There isnt a single thing I won't use or enjoy. Thanks for putting this together!

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