Enigma Fellowship

A bi-monthly escape room style subscription of enigmas, puzzles and mysteries to solve!

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Product Overview
  • We always ship on the 15th of January, March, May, July, September and November for existing subscribers (unless otherwise specified in communication). For new subscribers, if you place an order by the 25th of a month then your first package ships on 15th of the following month. Subsequent packages ship at normal schedule.
  • Ships worldwide from Germany
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
An exciting enigma awaits!
Ever wanted to discover secrets of ancient cultures and lost civilizations? Or partake in grand Roman and Mayan games? How about spy adventures or solving crimes on the orient express? Join the Enigma Fellowship and participate in this escape room style adventure that takes you across fantastic stories.
  • We send you packages with exciting themes ranging from historical adventures to murder mysteries. These escape room styled enigmas are full of puzzles and engaging stories that are fun for the entire family.
  • You can work to overcome riddles with your friends and family, or even play to solve them alone. Our puzzles include ciphers, letters, puzzles and even interactions in 3D space!
  • Each adventure is designed to last about 2 hours for those experienced in playing escape rooms and at-home mystery experiences. But the goal is to have fun and you can always take longer.
  • There might be interactive components that will require access to the Internet and a computing device like a smartphone or laptop to access these.
  • Stuck? No problem! There is a hint system to nudge you on your way. For novice players and those wanting to limit playtime to within 2 hours, we also have a Virtual Gamemaster. Worst case, if you can't solve it, there are also solutions to look at.

Sneak Peek

Photo of undefined current box The Enigma of The Lost Knowledge

The Enigma of The Lost Knowledge

Prof. McEwan, a renowned archaeologist, is missing. His research group thinks he may be in danger. He was searching for a lost artifact of great significance. The Enigma Fellowship has been engaged to locate him and help solve his quest. Solve brain twisting puzzles to find the professor and then solve challenges to gain trust of an ancient culture. Are you up to the task of finding the lost knowledge and solving this enigma?

Order by January 31st to get this box!

Photo of undefined current box The Scattered Cards

The Scattered Cards

The Sonnburg Police Department has been investigating mysterious disappearances in the city. The case has taken a turn for the worse now that a Police officer has gone missing as well. The only connection is the random playing cards received by each victim. Can you solve the enigmatic puzzle of the scattered cards and find these kidnapping victims before something untoward happens? Can you apprehend the perpetrator? Lives depend upon you.

Order by February 28th to get this box!



Q: How long does shipping take?Asked by Anuj S., October 2020

Enigma Fellowship answered...October 2020

While we don't have complete control over how long shipping takes, we have noticed that the following patterns:

Germany: 1-3 days
Within Europe: 5-7 days
USA/Canada: 12-20 days

Please keep in mind that sometimes the packages can take longer to get clearance in customs. But the packages don't have anything that would hold them up for too long.

Of course, if you would like to use a more expedited method of shipping then please contact us using the contact seller button and we would be happy to help arrange this. You can also find other shipping options via our website.


Q: What ages is this appropriate for?Asked by Anuj S., October 2020

Enigma Fellowship answered...October 2020

All our games are designed to be family friendly. One of the goals of The Enigma Fellowship is to encourage families and friends of all ages to work together. The puzzles and reading materials in our packages are suitable for player ages 10 and above. But with adult supervision even younger players can participate in solving our enigmas. We do encourage parents to take some discretion because they might deem some themes worthy of adult supervision. For example, the players might have to solve murder mysteries, battle monsters and encounter supernatural events in some storylines. We continuously endeavor to not make the content graphic or scary.

The packages are designed to be somewhat challenging for the average adult player. So if you feel that you are...


Q: How many people do you need to play this? Can 1 person play it alone?Asked by Anuj S., October 2020

Enigma Fellowship answered...October 2020

Our recommended team size is between 2-4 players for the games. You can, of course, play with larger teams as well. These games are best played when everyone has access to the materials so you can discuss things and play it together. But you can always play alone as well since the game is not designed to hider your progress. In fact, if you feel that you get stuck, you can always use our web-based hints. Good luck solving the enigmas!


Q: Is shipping to the UK included?Asked by Anuj S., October 2020

Enigma Fellowship answered...October 2020

We offer a flat rate shipping method to ship globally. It currently costs $7 for tracked shipping.

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