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Intrigue awaits! Unbox fantastic storylines in this escape room-style bimonthly game subscription.

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Solve Crimes, Puzzles, Mysteries & More

Ready to learn the secrets of ancient civilizations? Or go on a spy adventure? Or solve crimes on the Orient Express? Adventure is the name of the game when you join the Enigma Fellowship. This escape room-style, at-home experience delves into incredible stories and ancient conundrums that’ll keep you entertained, guessing, and imagining.
  • Bimonthly subscription; each game lasts approximately 2 hours.
  • Family friendly themes; 1 or more players. Each game plants a tree -- carbon neutral and environmentally friendly!
  • Games require interactive components; you will need access to the Internet and ac computing device like a smartphone or laptop.
  • Puzzles include ciphers, letters, puzzles, and interactions in 3D space; themes range from historical adventure to murder mysteries & true crime style cases.
  • You get all games in our subscription, starting at Shipment #1. We keep track of the games you already got.

Sneak Peek

Photo of Enigma Fellowship current box The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect

Shipment #2 - A strange postcard and some domino tiles have made their way to the Enigma Fellowship office. There's no indication of who sent it, but the message seems to ask for help. Can you find out who sent the postcard and help them from whatever misfortune has befallen them? (Difficulty: 7.5/10)

Order by December 31st to get this box!

Photo of Enigma Fellowship current box The Enchanted Islands

The Enchanted Islands

Shipment #1 - A mysterious break-in has happened at a historically protected office belonging to Prof. Dr. Theodor Wolf, one of the first to explore the Galápagos Islands. The thief was apprehended while trying to make a getaway, but strangely he took noting. Can you figure out what the thief was trying to steal and uncover what Prof. Wolf hid away? (Difficulty: 7.5/10)

Order by December 31st to get this box!

Customer Questions (8)


Q: How long does shipping take?Asked by Anuj S., October 2020

Enigma Fellowship answered...October 2020

While we don't have complete control over how long shipping takes, we have noticed that the following patterns:
Germany: 1-3 days
Within Europe: 5-7 days
USA/Canada: 12-20 days
Please keep in mind that sometimes the packages can take longer to get clearance in customs. But the packages don't have anything that would hold them up for too long.
Of course, if you would like to use a more expedited method of shipping then please contact us using the contact seller button and we would be happy to help arrange this. You can also find other shipping options via our website.


Q: What ages is this appropriate for?Asked by Anuj S., October 2020

Enigma Fellowship answered...October 2020

All our games are designed to be family friendly. One of the goals of The Enigma Fellowship is to encourage families and friends of all ages to work together. The puzzles and reading materials in our packages are suitable for player ages 10 and above. But with adult supervision even younger players can participate in solving our enigmas. We do encourage parents to take some discretion because they might deem some themes worthy of adult supervision. For example, the players might have to solve murder mysteries, battle monsters and encounter supernatural events in some storylines. We continuously endeavor to not make the content graphic or scary.
The packages are designed to be somewhat challenging for the average adult player. So if you feel that you are...


Q: How many people do you need to play this? Can 1 person play it alone?Asked by Anuj S., October 2020

Enigma Fellowship answered...October 2020

Our recommended team size is between 2-4 players for the games. You can, of course, play with larger teams as well. These games are best played when everyone has access to the materials so you can discuss things and play it together. But you can always play alone as well since the game is not designed to hider your progress. In fact, if you feel that you get stuck, you can always use our web-based hints. Good luck solving the enigmas!


Q: I'd like to order this for a Christmas gift, but want to make sure the recipient doesn't receive the first shipment until after Christmas. Can I order now or should I wait till closer to Christmas?Asked by Kathryn M., November 2021

Enigma Fellowship answered...November 2021

Thank you for your interest in Enigma Fellowship and asking the question. This is no problem, you can order now if you would like and just drop us a note with your preference. We will hold on to the first shipment and send it out such that it arrives only after Christmas. In this case we will ship it out around December 18-20th, and it will then arrive just after Xmas.
Please let us know if you need any more information and help.

Reviews (32)

Great product

Oct 13, 2022
Verified Purchase
Brett R.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

Wonderful and fun. There was a shipping issue with customs which led me to leave a negative review but after receiving the product I love it :)

Enigma Fellowship said...Oct 24, 2022

We're truly sorry for the shipping issue you faced. Unfortunately our shipping service didn't inform us of the problem with customs until after you got in touch with us. We're really glad that you liked the shipment, and we'll try our level best to do better with the next shipment.

Dinner Party

Dec 17, 2021
Wieger V.
1 Review

Just wow! You don't often see so many details, such storyline and good (meaning original) puzzles in only one envelop for this price! Everything looks very neat and works well together. The playable audio for the stories is also very nice. Highly recommended for anyone who likes puzzles!

Great game, somewhat easy

Dec 06, 2021
Greg K.
1 Review

My wife and I are experienced puzzle solvers, so it was a bit easy for us, though still enjoyable. Will recommend highly for novice puzzle solvers.

Enigma Fellowship said...Dec 06, 2021

Thank you for leaving the review! Indeed, the first game, The Lost Knowledge, is on the easier side. As the series progresses, the difficulty increases but also varies.
From feedback, we find that games 2 & 3 are more difficult (increasing in that order). Then game 4 takes it down to a more approachable level again, before games 5 & 6 ramping them up.
For experienced puzzlers, we hope you will stick with us for the other games because they do provide some interesting twists. :-)

Outstanding and challenging games!

Nov 16, 2021
Verified Purchase
Alina R.
1 Review
Subscribed for 11 months

So far, I have received 3 of the 6 games in this series and I can say without hesitation that these are the most challenging and the most fun puzzle games that I have played (we subscribe to three other games in this genre and the Enigma Fellowship games are far superior). In addition, the game curators have phenomenal customer service and have been incredibly helpful when I got this as a gift for a family member and the first shipment got stuck in transit (due to COVID). Even though the postage issue was not their fault, they went above and beyond to solve things for me. I couldn't recommend these games or the curators more!

Played the lost knowledge

Sep 30, 2021
Daniel L.
1 Review

Excellent attention to detail. The second half was quite harder than the first. A great evening challenge for a small team.

Fun and challenging for sleuth couples

Sep 28, 2021
Verified Purchase
Jason G.
1 Review
Subscribed for 8 months

My wife and I really enjoyed this! It was fun and challenging and became quite a few fun afternoons. We have the second one just started. Can’t wait to get further into it!

Hands down it is the best value for mone

Sep 22, 2021
Verified Purchase
Carla W.
1 Review
Subscribed for 4 months

The games by Enigma Fellowship are some of my absolute favourites. They have just the right amount of challenge. I find I get stuck every now and again but not for so long that it gets frustrating. The stories are engaging but feel quite light hearted. I find I choose these when I want some casual puzzling rather than an intense story. Each one I’ve completed so far has taken 2-3 hours to complete and has to be one of the least costly ones I’ve bought so far. Hands down it is the best value for money.
Another major selling point is the designers/owners. They are super friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Enigma Fellowship to anyone looking for a fun challenge.

Wonderful experience!

Aug 12, 2021
Verified Purchase
Tamara H.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 6 months

Great product. I've enjoyed all of their games so far. The customer service is great. I highly recommend this subscription to anyone who enjoys an immersive game experience.

So much fun!

Jul 22, 2021
Verified Purchase
Brianna H.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

Absolutely loved this game, so much fun! Played a little bit every night when we had time. Pace of the game is perfect and it has a really good narrative too. Can't wait to buy again!

One of the best experiences I had so far

Jul 25, 2021
Felix S.
1 Review

I recently played the first four games and i loved everything about them. An amazing story and fun puzzles merged together into one of the best experiences I had so far. Great background research, lovely voice acting and cool components – you can clearly see how much passion went into these games. I think the creators love making them as much as we love to play them. And you really get a lot for your money here, the envelopes are stuffed with all kind of things. It took me between 2.5 and 4.5 hours to solve each part. The hint system is good too, you always get the exact amount of help you need. I can fully recommend this for all experience levels. Can’t wait for the next parts.

Photos from reviews of Enigma Fellowship

Past boxes from Enigma Fellowship

Scattered Thoughts

Scattered Thoughts

Shipment #6 - Poppy Nicdao, a justice department employee investigating the Sonnburg mafia is being targeted. At the same time, an Enigma Fellowship colleague has gone missing. The Sonnburg Police believe that the person behind the Scattered Cards incident is behind these since strange cards are being found again. Can you save Poppy and the Enigma Fellowship colleague? Can you once and for all bring down the notorious Sonnburg mafia? (Difficulty: 7.5/10)

Dinner Party

Dinner Party

Shipment #5 - Enrico Fabricci has been missing for months. The disappearance happened at the same time as The Scattered Cards kidnappings. He was never found. The Fabricci ancestral estate, including Castello Di Dolcci in Italy, is embroiled in legal battles. Now, his heirs and the court appointed caretaker of their Castle in Tuscany have received mysterious invitations. Can you find out what happened to Enrico and help save a legacy in peril? (Difficulty: 7.5/10)

Monsters In The Wild

Monsters In The Wild

Shipment #4 - The Kongamato, a monstrous Pterodactyl like creature unknown to science has been terrorizing the Serengeti region of Tanzania. Wild animal disappearances, silhouettes above villages in dark and glowing red eyes are just a few of the reports from the local Maasai tribes. Can you help the local rangers find this mysterious avian terror and solve the enigma of these monsters in the wild? (Difficulty: 7/10)

The Submerged Sentinel

The Submerged Sentinel

Shipment #3 - An experimental submarine carrying a revolutionary new energy device and the world’s leading scientific experts has missed several scheduled check-ins. The Enigma Fellowship has been contacted for help by an anonymous source. With lives and scientific knowledge at stake your mission is to find the submarine and also rescue the scientists. Be prepared for a maritime adventure. There may be some deep diving involved. (Difficulty 8/10)

The Scattered Cards

The Scattered Cards

Shipment #2 - The Sonnburg Police Department has been investigating mysterious disappearances. The case has taken a turn for the worse now that a Police officer has gone missing as well. The only connection is the random playing cards received by each victim. Can you solve the enigmatic puzzle of the scattered cards and find these kidnapping victims before something untoward happens? Can you apprehend the perpetrator? Lives depend upon you. (Difficulty 7.5/10)

The Lost Knowledge

The Lost Knowledge

Shipment #1 - Prof. McEwan, a renowned archaeologist, is missing. His research group thinks he may be in danger. He was searching for a lost artifact of great significance. The Enigma Fellowship has been engaged to locate him and help solve his quest. Solve brain twisting puzzles to find the professor and then solve challenges to gain trust of an ancient culture. Are you up to the task of finding the lost knowledge and solving this enigma? (Difficulty 6/10)

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