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Kid Friendly!!!
by Sylvia written Jul 14, 2018
Finally! Something my niece loves getting every month. The Teen-Tastic box is just what I was looking for. Good customer service too, they actually answered my questions about content.
For comic book lovers of all ages!
by Kia written May 24, 2018
I bought the Teen Tastic comic for my son, and he loves it. He's always excited to open every month and see what comics have been picked for him. They seem to send more comics than they advertise too! Avoiding a trip to the comic book store makes this totally worth it!
by Rick written May 02, 2018
One of the most difficult problems I have had with collecting comics is realizing what I like. With Epic I can get all the number 1s and see what really interests me. Plus, I have the number 1s which usually will carry the most value if a story line happens to hit big. All in all a great deal for the collector.
No problems.
by Caroline written Sep 08, 2017
I ordered one box, and might order another one, but international shipping is holding me back. Not their fault obviously.
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