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Not a good start

Dec 26, 2020
Paul S.
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Subscribed for 28 days

I started this monthly package in late November to receive shipment in early December. The shipment was missing and when I asked for e-mail support, none was received from either Cratejoy or Exotic Noods. The shipment did eventually arrive, two weeks late. This questionable customer service is leading me to question whether three small noodle packets are worth $13.50, even if they are "exotic".

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Exotic Noods said...Dec 26, 2020

Paul, you are right. We totally dropped the ball in this case. We would like to make it up to you if it's not too late, so I will send you an email momentarily.

Shipping Policy Incorrect.

Aug 21, 2018
Michael B.
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Subscribed for 7 days

I’ve been wanting for this crate for many months and I finally did it a few weeks ago. I got even more excited when it said it ships on the 15th and takes 1-3 business days to get to you. So a few days later when the 15th popped up, the excitement again, intensified (can’t tell you how much I’ve wanted to do this). Then Thursday the 16th went by, the 17th, 18th ..... 19th comes and I get an email that a shipping label has been printed. A bit disappointed I figured it’ll ship that night, maybe I’ll get lucky and get it Tuesday the 21st .... it didn’t even ship until a little bit ago and it’s 12:30am Tuesday the 21st .... 6 days after the “shipping policy” says. Might sound like I’m being petty but I expect to get what I paid for, especially when I have the word “premium” in my order. I expect fantastic Ramen which unfortunately I have to wait until Friday the 24th according to UPS to try it. And I also expect for a company to abide by the policies it provides to the public, it’s the standard we’re supposed to expect from them or else they wouldn’t post them. There’s plenty of Ramen subs to choose from who will adhere to their policies. I guess we’ll see if this somehow gets rectified or not before I post anything on social media to warn my friends about my experience.

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Not worth it

Jan 15, 2018
Janice O.
1 Review

I ordered the non-spicy box, but they kept sending me spicy noodles with instructions to just not put all the seasoning in. Well, it's still spicy! The variety of items isn't very good. They kept sending noodles from the same few companies. Nothing from Japan.

Exotic Noods said...Jan 25, 2018

We're so sorry that you received Spicy Noods in your "No Spicy" order, we've went ahead and reached out to you and we're going to tirelessly to make things right! Customer satisfaction is our greatest priority.