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Not so Fab or Fit

Mar 06, 2019
Xandria C.
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I subscribed to this box since the first year and cancelled after the winter box (2018), at the beginning there was a great mix of everything for fitness, to be your fabulous best, and fun things for everyday use and then it went down hill. The products weren’t so great, shipping was all over the place, and focus shifted to “add-one” which were great, but after addingnon what you really wanted AND paid for the box you could have just purchase what you really wanted at the store for less and received better customer service to be honest. Over the years I DID receive great products and found things I never thought I would have wanted, but when that fun started to get outweighed by the negative community forum and monotonous themes that are best suited for a beauty box like glossy box or Birchbox it was time for me to go.


Apr 09, 2019
Amy M.
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I have gotten this box for about a year now. I find it incredibly annoying that the only way you get to choose some of your items is by doing an annual subscription (Pop Sugar does this also). I, like most people cannot afford a huge charge like that at one time. My last two boxes have been a real disappointment as far as value. I received the least expensive item in every category. I also feel that these two boxes have a habit of 'inflating' the cost of the products. I like the content of the Fun, Fit Fab and Pop Sugar magazines that come with the boxes. I made the really hard decision this month to cancel both of them. I really love subscription boxes and I've gotten really cool things from other boxes.

Sinking ship

Jun 14, 2019
Elizabethrehme C.
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out of stock items even after selecting them, customer service via chat is outsourced internationally and not very helpful. Shipping is terrible. Beware of the VIP annual upgrade, you will be told you are priority but then forgotten about.

Trashy scammers

Jun 25, 2019
Andrea D.
1 Review

Order 1 box and they will sign you up for more boxes in a sneaky "subscription" that you don't even know you're signed up for. They will then steal your $50 and ship a box that they refuse to refund. Of course box 1 was filled with things I wanted, and the box that they tricked me into receiving was filled with garbage I can't use. Never again with these scummy subscription companies and their over priced dollar tree garbage.