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Long shipping and bad communication

Apr 15, 2021
Alexandra K.
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Subscribed for 3 months

The products were ok but the experience with this supplier was horrible. First I paid in full for a three month subscription in November and it was supposed to come with a bonus box. The site said they were sending out one right away - it arrived late January. Also, to save on shipping they sent me a double box but didn’t let me know so I thought a box was missing. When communicating this I was accused of lying. Once we figured out what was going on supposedly another box (the third of three) was sent (February). It never arrived. After sending MORE emails they finally sent another one. So three month subscription with bonus box turned into two boxes taking over five months. Do not order if you live outside of the States.

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Facetreasure's said...Apr 16, 2021

WOW! After we went back & forth countless times regarding your monthly boxes and you had nothing but good things to say the entire time and now 2 months after your membership is over you leave us a bad review which now leaves all of us confused? First in our defense, We have always responded not just back to all emails you wrote to us but immediately after you have reached out all 10 times Which we have on file With each email only having a 10 min delay till you were able to speak with us & you were Also aware of the 24/7 Live Customer Service support phone number that we have for all Customers but you chose not to use it as...

Review of seller/business, not product

Jan 20, 2020
Nicole H.
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Subscribed for 22 days

I have chosen to not rate the quality of products or curation - I assume both are thoughtful and great. Unfortunately the box was never delivered and the seller was pretty unwilling to work with me on the issue and sent some pretty nasty emails to me.
When you purchase from a business, you expect a level of customer service that represents the business itself.
Every other crate I have purchased from other businesses provided a tracking number and packages arrived smoothly. In this case, the package was never delivered, I was blamed, I was then refused a refund or a new delivery, and then received a smattering of unpleasant comments from the seller.
I wish the experience were better. The concept is well built and lovely.

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Facetreasure's said...Jan 20, 2020

That's sad you feel this way, we have never sent any nasty emails and we do what we can to make sure all customers have an excellent experience and that's why are reviews are so good. Regarding your shipment & in our defense, the first shipment was sent to the address you gave us on file and someone at your addressed signed for the package and signed your name, than you stated you moved and you dont know what happened? So we sent a 2nd shipment and you received a full refund. Now I see you signed back up again on Feb 4th 2020 and I dont know if we feel comfortable sending a 3rd shipment however, I will need you to reach...