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4.5 of 5 stars
by M written 9 days ago
I subscribed for nearly a year. In the beginning, the boxes were pretty awesome. My daughter and I loved the surprise everything and we shared the boxes. But the last, I'd say two or three months of the subscription, we were both seriously displeased. The fandoms weren't really fandoms so much as a theme (ie: the unicorn box, which sounds awesome, but it wasn't). The very last box we received was a mish mash of items. It looked like they didn't have a theme and just threw whatever odds and ends they had into the box.
by Ashleigh written 11 days ago
I wish the shipping price was cheaper because the package itself is 13 yet I’m paying almost 18 in total which isn’t really ideal
by Michele written 12 days ago
Loved everything!!
by Michele written 15 days ago
Love love love this one!! Everything in it ;)❤
Always Fun
by Colleen written 17 days ago
I was subscribed to Gamer Girl Monthly (not a Cratejoy subscription), but I decided to stop and try out Fandom of the Month Club. I'm so glad I did. I love the jewelry I'm sent every month; for the same price as my previous monthly subscription, the quality of the items is usually much better. Even if I'm not particularly interested in the fandom of the month, I always find pieces I can wear or gift to others. The only pieces I truly haven't been a fan of are the patches. Would love to see more Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Supernatural, and Lord of the Rings though!
Fun trinkets and mystery boxes
by April written 17 days ago
The boxes are really fun - lots of variety and you never know which fandom will be represented. The jewelry is clearly fashion jewelry, but for 4-5 pieces at $13, there wouldn't be anything super expensive packed in there. I would love to see a feature where you could choose your favorite fandom to receive for one month - like your birthday month. That would be really fun!
by Stephanie written 18 days ago
I have mixed feelings about these boxes. The first few I loved, but the jewelry breaks super easily and I haven't had anything I could even wear in the last few boxes at all. They used to come before the end of the month but now they come super late, like the Halloween box didn't come until early November. Would love to see maybe more subtle jewelry like the little mermaid box had
Not impressed
by Amber written 19 days ago
I was not impressed by my first box. The jewelry was not very pretty and looked cheaply made. It came with a bracelet that didn’t even fit my wrist. Am trying one more box.
Cute but cheap
by Raven written last year
I love this box and all the jewelry is cute. But I'm afraid to ware any of it. Lot of my early boxes stuff has broken or the finish has worn off.
Shipping Time
by Nyssa written last year
Does anyone have any idea what the shipping time is to Asia? I live in Singapore and though there was an email sent to me telling me my box was on the way on the 27th of November, I still haven't received it by the 15th of December. The 'track package' button doesn't work for me and no one responded to the email I sent when I tried to contact the seller. Excited but still waiting...
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