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Love it!
by Leah written 2 days ago
Love all of my nerdy jewelry! I always get a lot of compliments on my pieces. I do wish they would go back to more mainstream fandoms, but all in all this is such a fun crate. It’s nice to get something in the mail that’s not bills!
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Do not give your business
by Chandler written 12 days ago
My mom started me on this when I went to college about two years ago. I immediately told her to cancel the subscription, and after a year of trying to contact the company, they FINALLY stopped the subscription. It's cheap, poorly made jewelry. Whoever puts the bags together does not check pieces for quality check. I got several bags (Lotr, Star Wars, and Wizard of Oz) where all of the jewelry had something wrong with it (usually clasps being fused) that made it in usable, or they looked like they'd been melted. We sent tons of emails, and tried messaging the people on instagram and didn't ever get a single response from anyone.
Cheap :(
by chelsea written 18 days ago
You can buy everything that comes in the boxes for about $8 on other sites. And the quality is bad for the jewelry because they are so cheap. I did not know that this was a recurring payment either. There were several options and I thought that the three months was not a subscription, because why would a subscription box renew for multiple months at a time. I found this deceptive. Waiting for a refund since I did not want to resubscribe and they haven't shipped the first month of the re subscription yet.
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by Emily written 21 days ago
I really enjoyed these boxes in the beginning. However, they have been shipping out later and later. I have already been billed for April and have not received any information on the March box. This would not be a problem, but the seller has not responded to inquiries from multiple people on their email, facebook, or instragram pages. The lack of communication about shipping updates is why I cancelled.
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Haven’t received box
by Anely written 21 days ago
I got the box for my niece for her bday and she still hasn’t received it. They already charged me for another month. I’ve contacted customer service and bothing
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Still waiting
by Heather written 21 days ago
Not sure how much longer it will take to get shipped. Seems like I paid a long time ago.
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Great box
by Jessica written 25 days ago
Love this box! The detail to the theme is awesome. Can’t wait for next months box!
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Not the same....
by Alyse written 29 days ago
I have been receiving Fandom of The Month boxes for about a year. I absolutely loved them until the last 3 boxes. All the boxes used to have a very clear and fun fandom but now they are just themes instead.
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Not worth it
by Amanda written last month
I've gotten 2 boxes so far and in each one things over half of the stuff has broken. The idea and stuff is cute but the overall follow through is much different. In addition, last month my stuff was over 2 weeks late, but they didn't tell me until I contacted them. They hadn't sent last month's box but were still trying to charge for the next month. I wasn't going to pay for another month when I hadn't gotten it before. They said sorry we are behind, no notice given prior to that. Plus the rings have all broken and the chain on one of necklaces broke from adjusting it, when I tried to fix it the paint on the chain wore off. Super disappointed as there are so many reviews but I feel I could have gotten better stuff at Dollar General that lasted longer. I am not hard on my jewelry either.
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by Kristin written last month
I love it.
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