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Our authors will guide you around their world ~ We provide tangible items to enhance the "tour"

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  • NEW Customers: Your box will ship the NEXT BUSINESS DAY after payment is received RENEWING Customers: Your box will ship the FIRST BUSINESS DAY after payment is received
  • Only ships within United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Authors Make Great Tour Guides to New Destinations
Felicia's Attic will provide you a "No Repeat" monthly tour to explore long ago places, solve mysteries or just dream. The "Tour Destination" is pre-determined each month; you select your tour box by drink: Coffee, Tea or Cocoa. You will answer 4 questions, during checkout, to allow additional customization and your custom "tour" will begin!!
  • ~*~ WELCOME to the new & improved Felicia's Attic! Our desire to provide you with a unique experience, curated towards your specific likes, has not changed. However, our VISION of how that experience is presented has been fine-tuned to ensure you receive an exceptional high quality product.
  • CONTENTS: Classical or non-mainstream Author (used or new); Quality New Bookmark; Drink (sourced from other CrateJoy vendors and gourmet suppliers); Qty 2 Gourmet Food items; Qty 2 Quality Keepsakes (new or previously loved)
  • BONUSES: Birthday Month Keepsake and Seasonal Surprises
  • NO REPEAT: You are guaranteed a different tour destination in each box
  • HINTS TO NEXT MONTH'S BOX: I will publish, in our monthly Newsletter (15th of each month), clues to the next months "Tour Destination" and inform you if the book and keepsakes are new or previously loved items.
Subscriber Reviews
4.9 of 5 stars
Not worth the price
by Kacee written last month
You do get some nice things, but there's no guarantee you'll actually like them, so for $42 shipped it's kind of a gamble. I was pretty happy with my first box. I liked 3 of the 4 trinkets which were a ceramic leaf dish, glass frog, wooden crane statuette, and a ceramic cat. My second box only had 3 trinkets in it; a Halloween bear figurine, a ceramic owl with fragrance sachet, and a ceramic bell. The owl is nice, but the bell's theme wasn't related to my interests at all. I was looking for the second box to be better than the first, but it wasn't. The craft improved, but not by much. First box had a rooster themed kitchen towel set that you're supposed to crochet the top part on. I don't crochet, and it didn't even come with a needle. My second craft was cross stitch (which I do), but stamped which isn't a plus in my book and country themed (which I said I didn't like). I tried to put as much detail as I could into my survey, but maybe there are just a lot of people signing up and maybe the item pool isn't big enough to find things I like? I don't know. I did get vampire books each month, which is nice. I said horror for books. I could go to a thrift store myself and find things I actually really really liked for much less. I signed up for the novelty of mystery gifts that matched my interests, but it just doesn't seem worth the price to me. You might have better luck.
So special!
by Isla written last month
I have a received a subscription box before but never one so special & heartfelt. I can tell a lot of effort was put into it. I filled out a survey about the things that I liked and even my favorite color and got such wonderfully nice things that actually had to do with what I filled out on the survey. I received a horror DVD which is my favorite genre, my favorite genre of book, candles and holders for my candle collection, a yoga strap and mat tote in my favorite color. A word game book which I love and a few more personalized items that were just perfect! This was a great gift to myself! Thank you!
by Heather written last month
I absolutely loved everything. The 2 tea cups are perfect, this cute tart warmer and lots of goodies! Can't wait for the next one 😁
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