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Monthly feminist book club + woman-owned small businesses + secret discussion group + podcast
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For progressive women and nonbinary folks who crave meaningful connection while deepening their understanding of intersectional feminism, Feminist Book Club is a monthly subscription box that provides tools, resources, and opportunities to connect and give back while challenging you to dismantle systems of oppression.

  • book of the month, voted on by fellow members
  • 3-5 unique products from small woman- and queer-owned businesses
  • pamphlet introducing you to each featured brand
  • access to secret discussion groups on Facebook, Slack, and Zoom
  • 5% of sales go to a new feminist organization each month

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Q: When is my subscription billed?Asked by John B., September 2020

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Q: When is my subscription going to be shipped?Asked by John B., September 2020

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Q: Can I change my book genre preference without canceling my subscription?Asked by John B., September 2020

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Q: What genre are the books?Asked by John B., September 2020

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Reviews (13)

So wonderful

Jan 13, 2019
Verified Purchase
Sarajane H.
3 Reviews
3 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 months

I love this box. Before subscribing, I was so intrigued with Renee’s efforts to create a community for her subscribers. After confirming my subscription, I recieved an email from Renee introducing herself and emails to vote on the next months book and live chat times. I don’t use Facebook so I could join the group there, but she has made an effort to make sure that there is also an online community for those without social media!
As for the box I recieved, I loved that just as much. The book was one that I’ve read parts of before but I’m so excited to visit the rest of the information that it covers. There was samples of lotion bars and soap from female owned companies with coupons for their online store, a beautiful carved wooden magnet that I smile every time I see, and information on podcasts, businesses, and lessons that are all female owned and operated! I love that this box is clearly put together with love, thoughtfulness, and a focus on community rather than “filler” items.
I recieved my box during a stressful week and emailed Renee to tell her thank you for sending something that put such a smile on my face! Her response was heartfelt and encouraging. This box is absolutely worth it; not only will you get fascinating books, but you will make new friends and alliances as well!

Happy Customer!

Feb 13, 2020
Verified Purchase
Amadei F.
1 Review
Subscribed for 12 months

I absolutely loved receiving my FBC box. The books are always interesting and the goodies that Renee finds that are amazing. I'd keep subscribing, but my to-read shelf has gotten out of control; I do have a couple of friends I keep talking it up to, so maybe they'll join in my stead! Thank you again for all you do!

Fab, Feminist and Fun!

Aug 25, 2018
Verified Purchase
Alexandra A.
1 Review
Subscribed for 10 months

I love this box so much. Anything that supports women-owned companies, makes an honest effort to be inclusive and intersectional, and gives me food for thought as well as other amazing women, or femme-identifying persons to interact with is right up my street. I really appreciate Renee's thoughtful approach to this box, as well as the way she runs the group. It isn't something that takes up a ton of my time, but it does let me check in periodically for reflection and conversation. It's the perfect way to interject some introspection into my life surrounding topics that are important to me. I rocked the earrings from this month's box out to dinner tonight. I felt awesome in my repurposed metal dangly chains, and felt really good about supporting several small businesses I believe in.

Unique book box

Aug 26, 2018
Verified Purchase
Erin J.
1 Review
Subscribed for 7 months

I am so in love with the Feminist Book Club subscription box! I subscribe to several different book boxes, and this is my favorite! What I love about this one is that the contents are always unique and support small women-owned businesses. I also love the community aspect and the opportunity to vote on each month’s book and the chance to chat with other members about what we’ve read.

Great Group of Women & Good Reads

Nov 29, 2018
Verified Purchase
Jasmine W.
1 Review
Subscribed for 5 months

This box is put together with love. You'll look forward to getting the box as well as the note from Renee. What I love the most about this box is the group. There's a diverse group of women that subscribe to this box and you'll appreciate the opinions and support that you get from them. This is the first box that I've subscribed to that has substance and really contributes to my overall well-being.

An absolute game changer

Sep 02, 2018
Verified Purchase
Jeney C.
1 Review
Subscribed for 6 months

I've subscribed to a few boxes in the past, but this one is so much more than just some products in pretty packaging. I've canceled subscriptions to other boxes because I felt my money could go to more worthwhile causes and I really didn't need any more "stuff".
But Feminist Book Club? My hard earned cash is going to good causes AND I'm getting some kick ass "stuff"! I love that I am supporting small, femme-owned businesses. I'm expanding my library with books I probably never would have picked up on my own. The conversation in the private group is so honest, raw, and centering. And best of all? A portion of my subscription goes to a charitable organization that aligns with my feminist values every month.
I've said it before and I will say it again, and again, and again... this box is a game changer.

Redefining Feminism

Oct 08, 2018
Verified Purchase
Kori S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 8 months

I LOVE this box and the amazing community that comes with it. Not only do we get to lift up amazing woman and femme owned businesses we have real conversations about the intersectionality of feminism, race, gender identity, class and so much more. I never thought being a part of this subscription would challenge me and keep me growing in the ways that it does. Sign up cause it’s the best thing you can do for your soul (and to crush the patriarchy) ❤️

High quality experience

Oct 08, 2018
Verified Purchase
Becca K.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 years

I've had this box subscription for 3 months and it is consistently high quality — in terms of both the curated small business products and the book discussions. It's truly been such a good decision to set aside a little time and money each month to focus on educating ourselves and lifting one another up.

Great Books Great Products Great Service

Apr 11, 2021
Verified Purchase
Corey A.
5 Reviews
Subscribed for 3 months

You NEED the Feminist Book Club subscription in your life! The books will broaden your definition of intersectional feminism. You’ll receive high quality thematic products that you’ll actually use- no tchotchkes gathering dust here! And the people who run this subscription service provide excellent customer service with the patience of saints. Through no fault of their own, my shipment hadn’t arrived when I expected it and I wrote a less than polite email. They responded professionally and my issue was immediately solved.
Like I said... I don’t care who you are, you NEED to subscribe to Feminist Book Club right now!

I love this box

Mar 11, 2019
Verified Purchase
Kristin B.
3 Reviews
Subscribed for 2 years

This box absolutely is worth it. It's empowering, personalized and every month when I get the email that my box has shipped I get so excited!!

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Orders placed today ship by December 11
Boxes ship the first week of each month.
Renews monthly on the 11th
We ship by the 7th every month. Please order by the last day of the previous month to get next month's box.
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