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by Shannon M., Aug 16, 2018

So I just received my first box, & I’m all at once intrigued, curious, a bit confused & slightly disappointed. I love the concept of this box- a feminist book & 2-3 items from female/ feminist indie brands. I receive like 30 sub boxes a month, plus all the ones I’ve tried & cancelled, & I never cancel after the first month- it could be an off month for the box- to give the box the opp to get me hooked or keep me curious or interested. So the items this month are things I’d never buy for myself- the book, Austenistan, is one I’d never pick on my own (that doesn’t mean it’s not a good, interesting, entertaining or well- written book), the candle is really, really high quality & one of the strongest I’ve *EVER* tried (unfortunately, I HATE THE SCENT!!!— lemongrass & eucalyptus, but after an hour the scent of the small travel candle had filled about 2000 sq feet with its scent, & I’m sure aromatherapy wise I’d benefit, so maybe I’ll keep it instead of gifting), & a really cute & almost edgy pair of dangling chain fish hook earrings (unfortunately, I have stretched ears & wear 5/8” plugs or 6-4 gauge weighted earrings). So... I’m curious to see the next box... oh, the slight confusion comes from checking out the photos, they all look like there are several more products than the 2-3 promised in the box description, but maybe I’m wrong? Oh,...

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Feminist Book Club said...
Aug 21, 2018
Hi Shannon! We are so grateful for your review and helpful feedback, especially as we're still new and working out some kinks. I wanted to address some of the things you mentioned in your review for clarification purposes. I'm glad you appreciated the products even though the candle's scent wasn't to your liking and the earrings weren't ideal for you. Feminist Book Club is so much more than a subscription box, though. It's less about the products and more about the connections to one another through our feminist values, building on tried-and-true practices used throughout feminist history and translating them to the modern, online world. We cultivate our community through our discussion group, monthly live chats, and other online events. I noticed you're not a part of our discussion group and I'd encourage you to seek out that opportunity. It's a fantastic way to get even more value out of your Feminist Book Club experience. In the meantime, keep an eye out for an email invitation to our live video chat with the authors from this month's book, Austenistan, as well as our regular monthly book club chat. Thank you for your feedback on the box collage, too! This style is a reference to feminist 'zines of the 1990s and each collage is unique. Many of our members cut them out and display them or repurpose the boxes for other uses. Hopefully, you'll find ways to reuse and recycle them as well! If you'd like to hear more about the impetus behind the Feminist Book Club, feel free to listen to my podcast Wild Cozy Truth, episode 49: Behind the Scenes of My Small Business (bit.ly/WCTepisode49). I go into great detail about how Feminist Book Club began, my feminist business practices, and the inspiration behind every decision. Your feedback is always welcome, so feel free to reach out to me directly at hello@feministbookclub.com.
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