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A crowdfunded mystery box...
by Brian written 15 days ago
I received the right brain box as a gift. It came with three different items... - Movie: Wish I Was Here (the trailer looks pretty good) - Audio CD: Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep (came with a bonus cd) - Playing cards: The Name of the Wind Playing Cards (nice quality cards with good artwork... I enjoyed the book too!) As others have described, each item comes with a little card describing the product and providing a QR code linking back to the original funding page. Each item is of reasonable quality, but I suspect the box is still a little overpriced for what I received? I'll reserve final judgement until my gift subscription completes... and in any case I'm grateful for the opportunity to try out products from artists I might otherwise never hear about. :-)
by Lisa written last month
My husband received his first left brain box for Christmas. He really enjoyed it. Can’t stop playing with the fidget cube. Great idea. Can’t wait to see what comes next. This is a great gift idea for that person you know who is hard to buy for.
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by Leslie written 2 months ago
LOVE this! I got the starving artist box as a gift and it’s so cool. Came with a fidget cube and fire starting paracord bracelet for two of the items, which are things I’d been wanting but have never gotten around to buying. This is a super cool subscription box idea and even supports small business owners too. Definitely worth checking out!
Really unique idea
by Reejay written 3 months ago
What a cool idea for a subscription box!! I ordered the left brain box and it had some really interesting products! Instead of just a piece of paper telling you about the contents, it came with little playing cards that talked about each item and had a QR code on the back so you could scan it and see the original crowdfunding page. I like that a lot of the products come from small business owners and startups too, so you get to check out some brand new products and support entrepreneurs at the same time! Very cool!
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