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Thrilling puzzles delivered to your door monthly

Explore a new city and culture each month while solving puzzles and deciphering codes with a fun escape room challenge! Great for game and mystery fans, puzzle solvers, and travel enthusiasts! Content is family-friendly (No murders or violence here!) but it is challenging! Each adventure includes everything you need for a fun night at home.
  • Every month includes a new fun puzzle and adventure to help you solve a mystery from the comfort of your own living room.
  • Explore a new city and culture while you try to decipher the clues. New city each month!
  • Each puzzle includes clues in case you get stuck and our team is able to assist from our growing Facebook group community!
  • Takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete each puzzle, however each month’s puzzle may vary!
  • Content is always family friendly but challenging for adults. No murder or violence, great for ages 13+.

Customer Questions (86)


Q: Would this be good for a family with kids ages 4-16? Would it bore the 4 year old?Asked by Sarah D., March 2020

Not sure how a 4 year old would do but our 8 year old loved helping out. Even if it was just writing out clues, hints, words or reading the clue he felt very much apart of the adventure and fun!

by Jordan W., March 2020

My kids are 8 and 9 and enjoy doing them. 4 might be tough, but they might like playing with the toys that come in the box! There are some simple puzzles, but most might be too mudh for him/her.

by Nancy C., January 2021


Q: Is it possible to order a specific box? Our family loves National Parks and I would like to get that one to start. Asked by Jan A., February 2023

Finders Seekers Mysteries answered...February 2023

Unfortunately, we have completely sold out of our National Parks box. We will re-release it in a couple of years.


Q: Does this game work for a large group of people. Somewhere between 12 and 15 people?Asked by Jan A., February 2023

Finders Seekers Mysteries answered...February 2023

There's really no limit to how many people can play. We have a network of libraries that complete our mysteries with large groups. However, it probably works best for 1 - 8 players. With 12 - 15 players, we would suggest breaking the group in half and then you can make it a race to see who solves it the fastest.


Q: If I have played a game with friends and now I would like to subscribe to play with my family how can I manage the subscription so I don’t receive the same game I have already played ?Asked by Zully W., December 2022

Finders Seekers Mysteries answered...January 2023

Simply email us once you have ordered, and we can make sure you don't receive a duplicate. Cheers!

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Escape the Crate is Really Great!

Dec 31, 2022
Shelbie T.
2 Reviews
2 Pictures

I received this Escape Room box for Christmas, and I had so much fun playing it! I highly recommend it for family night or game nights with friends!


2 days ago
Verified Purchase
Tamarra S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 9 days

This was harder than I thought it was going to be, but it was a lot of fun! Something different to do on a Saturday night.

Thank You From Our Family To Yours.

2 days ago
Destiny T.
1 Review

As a family of six with varying ages and interests, we sometimes struggle to find common ground and activities that bring everyone enjoyment. Finders Seekers gives us the opportunity to come together as a family and truly enjoy time with each other. The puzzles are complex enough to keep family from 22 to 10 engaged and thinking, while still being easy enough to solve. We highly recommend this box to family and friends alike who cherish spending time together and enjoy a good mystery.

A great excuse to eat chocolate

6 days ago
Verified Purchase
Lori B.
1 Review
Subscribed for 11 days

I appreciated all the interesting facts about Switzerland. It made me want to visit. For now I'll have to settle for eating a bar of Swiss chocolate while looking out at my own snow capped mountains. I enjoyed the variety of igenious puzzles and their varying degrees of difficulty.

Fun and rewarding games!

Mar 19, 2023
Brian J.
1 Review

Fun and satisfyingly challenging games! And we learned some tantalizing facts about the areas we were exploring. Thanks!

Fun date night

Mar 11, 2023
Erica B.
1 Review

This was a fun series of challenges! My husband and I spent 4.5 years living in China which made this all the more fun. We liked working together to figure out the clues. One or two of the puzzle answers were a little disappointing (a bit too easy or bit too convoluted), but overall we had a great time figuring everything out.

Perfect for game night!

Mar 11, 2023
Maria F.
1 Review

Love it! My siblings and I use these boxes for game night and it's always perfect! We love that we get a little keepsake from every box, and that we get cool info and posters for the locations.

Nice game

Mar 05, 2023
Megan W.
1 Review

Very nice box. This was our second time playing. Might look at subscriptions to save on future. Good challenges

Engaging family fun

Mar 05, 2023
Laura H.
1 Review

Each of these games means about two hours of focus and fun with our teenager- that’s priceless as college looms closer and closer!

Good family fun

Mar 02, 2023
George B.
1 Review

We received this for Christmas. We played as a family with several college aged kids and had a good time. The clues all played to different strengths, so everyone had a chance to contribute. It took us about 90 minutes to complete. Great game! Would definitely do another from this company. As a bonus, the National Park posters are wall worthy, and one of the kids has claimed them for her room.

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