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Craft Beer Merch And Unique Items Made From Beer!
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Nov 21, 2018
Laura C.
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I just got my second connoisseur box. I was skeptical with the first one bc I calculated value to have me break even. I sub to different boxes and the draw is value out weighs the cost
But I figured let's try a second time. The value doesn't even come close to 60. I got beer soap again, bbq's sauce, ton of of free stickers which I get from beer fests. Then I saw the pumking glass very cool, I got excited when I saw the black shirt. I was assuming southern tier. Instead it is a cheap shirt and free advertising for the company!!!! Actually I paid them to advertise for them! The worst is the DIY label is crooked, and peeling at the edges. They say they high light a different brewery each month. Instead I got a cheap self advertising shirt. Alas, I am going to cancel. Not worth the money.

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