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by Flora Baths | Organic and Herbal
Flora Baths is a skincare line that specializes in natural and organic superstar ingredients.
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Feb 20, 2020
Mandy W.
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I ordered my package in the beginning of January and around the beginning of February I still hadn’t received it or any shipping information. I sent an email explaining to which I was told (two days later) that they would send me another box along with a bonus box with tracking number. I just received the box and shipping was exceptional from the date I received shipping confirmation, only two days. However, I’m a little disappointed in the products in the box. All three bath products smell pretty much exactly the same. The sugar scrub smells horrible and the body mist looks very greasy and unappealing as there are little fibers floating in it. I haven’t tried any of these yet but after smelling them I’m not sure I want to. Pretty disappointed in this one.
Update: I was supposed to receive a bonus box by the end of February to make up for the shipping and when I didn’t get it by March, I emailed again to find that they decided not to send it to me due to this review. No one bothered to tell me that they decided this although I was hoping the second box might have something in it that I did like and maybe I would’ve changed my review. I also would’ve just asked for a refund if I knew this was gonna happen, very disappointed I spent money on this. Horrible customer service and terrible products.

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