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Long lasting fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep. 7 days of freshness guaranteed!

$45.00 / 1 box every 2 weeks

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4.7 of 5 stars
Gained a customer back
by Lance written May 28, 2018
We were mostly happy until the last shipment. They weren’t nearly the quality as the previous ones (6 months). I mentioned it and they responded by sending another bouquet which was awesome. Definitely will be ordering this winter again. Thanks for the great customer service!
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Great flowers and Great service
by Susan written Apr 19, 2018
I signed up on a whim in the middle of winter, just craving some fresh flowers to brighten the dark days. I wasn't really expected much from this spur of the moment enrollment. Wow, was I surprised! The bouquets so far have been FRESH and GORGEOUS. They last for several weeks and I keep different size vases on hand so as some flowers die, I change the bouquet accordingly. They are just as nice as what I might order from a local professional florist, but frankly, they are less expensive The assortments have been lovely - not run of the mill, a cut above, and suitable for any decor, aligned well with the seasons. My spring one just came today and I love it. I also had great customer service, since I moved in the middle of my subscription and wanted to put it on hold for a few months till I settled in. No problem, No mixups, just good service! I am impressed with Enjoy Flowers. i am considering them as gifts as well and would definitely recommend them.
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No customer service
by Stacey written Feb 05, 2018
Ive left 3 emails trying to reach someone and have not once received a response. I left a review already and gave them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they would have made things right. Well that didn't happen and the bundle of green twigs I received died 2 days later. I was ALMOST going to actually give them another chance also because I really liked the idea. But since customer service doesn't even exist nor do they care, I'll be passing and sticking to my good ol local florist.
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Slightly disappointed
by Stacey written Feb 01, 2018
Of all subscriptions what girl wouldn't hope this one would be the best. I have to say they came securely strapped down , wrapped up very nice , looked like nothing moved during transit. SOOO I was a but disappointed to open to find a bushel of greenary. The little buds still have not opened which is also nice but I had no actual ""Flowers" in my box. I was expecting a bouquet of flowers. Not at all what I received. I received a bundle of green, with eucalyptus in it which sadly I'm allergic to. That's something I think should be a question. Many people are allergic to a certain flower. Although I didn't get any flowers :( No I would not recommend or purchase again. Not when ShopRite has huge beautiful bouquets for a quarter of the price and I get actual Flowers. I'm sorry I had to leave this review. I truly wanted to love this
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by A. written Jan 25, 2018
My giftee loved the flowers and how long they lasted. I was very impressed by the service provided. Made gifting someone in another state a breeze.
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by AARON written Jan 22, 2018
This service is fantastic, my wife loves the bouquets. Delivery notice is helpful to know when to expect the package. Quality is very good and the flower arrangements are larger than I was expecting for the price. Beats a floral shop hands down.
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No complaints
by Briana written Jan 13, 2018
I have nothing bad to say at all. I sent these to my sister for her anniversary and she loved them! I would highly recommend this flower subscription for anyone wanting to send a beautiful bouquet to someone special.
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by crystal written Jan 03, 2018
Love my flower subscription
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A flower delivery co. above all others!
by Sarah written Jan 02, 2018
I can't express the beauty and quality of these flowers. I sent them to my mother-in-law and she is in love. This is the only service to use!
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My Favorite Subscription!
by Camille written Dec 08, 2017
I ordered this for my self 2 months ago, and everything I've received has been AMAZING! I receive the large monthly option, and each time I've received enough flowers for 2 to 3 different arrangements. The variety is always beautiful. I can't believe the flowers come all the way from Colombia and arrive in perfect condition. The first batch I received lasted 3 whole weeks! The second batch has more delicate flowers, but they still lasted two weeks. I loved my flowers so much I ordered my parents a 6 month subscriptions and some of my best friends a 3 month subscription. Would highly recommend!
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